Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, I'm slowly but surely making it through the to do list. The last of the cake is baking and I will hopefully at least start to frost it tonight. I think I might want to get the base done and let it set before I start trying to decorate it. I think it might be a little easier to fix if my decorating stinks and the base frosting beneath it is at least a little more solid. We'll see. I've done some running around, though not as much as I actually would have liked. I had three other errands that I would have liked to run today that I just won't have time to. Nothing having to do with the birthday, but just because it was a normal business day that I wasn't stuck in the office. Craig is golfing in a charity tournament today so I'm on Jacob duty for a good chunk of the evening. He's been a little extra cranky the last couple days so I could have my hands full. I don't anticipate getting anything party-related done tonight between 6 and 9, that's for sure. We got a birthday package from Uncle John, Aunt Kristin and Kate today. I think we'll keep the gifts until tomorrow, but Jacob can enjoy the box and bubble wrap tonight! ;-) I wrapped up something for him as well, only just to give him some practice. He hasn't unwrapped gifts in six months, so I want to give him a refresher before tomorrow...although these days it's all about gift bags so maybe he'll just need to practice pulling tissue paper out of a bag! The only thing left on my possible to do list for now is some yard work. I want to go out and clean up the yard a bit before I'm off to pick up Jacob. After bedtime tonight I have a whole other set of things to do, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

And let's see...a year ago right now I was hanging out at the hospital getting pumped full of fluids. At this point I still don't think I was feeling much pain, maybe the slight beginnings of crampiness (contractions). But really, we had just spent a couple hours hanging out in the labor and delivery room watching TV and chatting, and that was about it. Within an hour or two I would start getting pretty uncomfortable, and by the mid-evening, I was getting really miserable. My parents showed up around that time and has the misfortune of seeing me in the midst of some nasty contractions. They didn't stay long, and I didn't blame them one bit. I wasn't the best conversationalist at that point. Shortly thereafter it was epidural time, and I guess I started pushing shortly before midnight.

At this point we'll just have to see if Jacob can sleep through his birthday moment at 2:40 am. The way he's been lately, there's a good chance we'll be awake...ugh! We'll see many of you at the party, and the rest of you, have a nice weekend!

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