Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The importance of a routine

I'm getting this sneaking suspicion that traveling with Jacob is only going to get harder. We went to Toronto and Buffalo this weekend, and while we had a good time with family, the rest of the trip was on the brink of disaster. Jacob used to sleep the entire trip to Buffalo without a problem. Lately he's been waking up, and waking up cranky at that. This time he woke up long before we got to Buffalo, and we still had the leg up to Toronto to go. I spent most of the trip in the backseat with him, and it still took some doing to get him to take another nap. He needed it, believe me. We finally got up to Toronto to see a lacrosse game (the team that (more or less) used to be the Rattlers), and by the time we got some dinner at a concession stand and sat down, we saw no more than 10 minutes of gametime before it started raining. It kept raining for a good hour or more, and we could only keep Jacob entertained in the concourse for so long. Eventually we gave up and headed back to NT to sleep at my parents'. My master plan of getting him in his PJs and fed was foiled by him falling asleep on the way to the car. I should have just woken him up, but I figured he'd once again wake up after we were on the road for a bit and we could just stop and do it then. Well, he woke up just before customs, so that wasn't happening. He screamed through a long customs wait, and was miserable until we stopped at Mighty Taco for the second half of our dinner and a feeding for him. He still wasn't too happy, and predictably ended up having a restless night of sleep. Short and restless...yuck. Still, we had a pretty good time on Saturday at our nephew Luke's birthday party, and he went down relatively easily that night. He slept well, just waking up once briefly, then a couple times in the morning in the midst of ultimately sleeping in until 8am! Sunday we ended up sticking around in Buffalo for what turned out to be a little too long. We were having fun and hated to leave, but we didn't get home until 10pm, and the whole thing just seemed to throw Jacob off again. He just wouldn't go to sleep once we got home, no matter what we tried. Once he was officially asleep, he woke up about four times before 6am. None were particularly lengthy, but still...they add up. Tonight we got him in bed before 9pm, and he's been sleeping soundly so far. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Long story short, it's becoming more and more apparent that he does so much better on a schedule. If he gets too tired or too thrown off, he's a mess. And with his screechy scream he's become such a pro at, it is so miserable to deal with.

In other news, Jacob has another cold...and consequently, so do I. We tried some new foods in the past few days, or at least, old foods in different forms...like canned peaches and pears, a real sweet potato, maple teething biscuits (so messy!!), and even pretzels. I had to be extra careful with those to make sure he didn't break off a big piece, but he seemed to like the taste! I think we're going to work on grapes this week, and keep trying the sweet potato. I need to perfect my microwave cooking abilities! Interestingly, I think I like them, which I never thought I did! Jacob's really starting to babble a lot. Nothing is really connecting to anything (like, even if he says "dada" it's not really directed at Craig), but it's cute to hear. His teeth are really coming in now, very quickly. So far they look to be quite cute, though I will miss the two bottom teeth look! He's definitely in a cranky phase when it comes to not getting his way, and I know this one will probably last a while. It's so hard when you can't reason with a baby and explain why he can't have something or go somewhere. It's one thing when they can sort of understand you (even if they don't listen), but it's just so hard when you don't even have a shot! Definitely need a lot of patience and good distraction/redirection techniques!

Hard to believe we're less than three weeks away from Jacob's first birthday...so crazy!

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