Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back on the roller coaster...

Remember how I blogged a while back about how good days and bad days tend to occur in close proximity to one another? How one day can be great and the next is a complete disaster? Well, I feel like last night to today is another example of that. Maybe on a lesser level than last time, but still...ugh. Last night turned out to be pretty great. I had a coupon for a free entree at Pizzeria Uno, so we headed out to Henrietta. Jacob was in a pretty good mood, and fell asleep on the way there, but woke up as we got there. He'd already napped at day care, so I think he was just bored :) I started feeding Jacob as soon as we got there because we could tell he was hungry. We had some veggie dogs, sweet potatoes, and blueberries, along with a sippy cup of formula. He ate pretty well. The last few bites were a bit of a struggle, but I'm convinced he just gets bored eating. Near the end he'll gladly eat it if we feed it to him, but he doesn't want to bother feeding himself. He's definitely into that "throwing" phase, where food and sippy cups end up on the floor frequently, but for the most part he was pretty good. He was laughing a lot and keeping other diners entertained! Our food took FOREVER to come, and Jacob was done eating by the time our food came. Ugh. Still, he was really good. The food took so long to come out that they offered each of us a free dessert! We could have had anything we wanted, but we were both already pretty stuffed and it was too hot to take anything home (we had a stop to make after), so we each just got one of the mini desserts. I gave Jacob a few bites of my ice cream and brownie (no nuts, don't worry), and he loved it. Though he did do a couple typical frustrating baby things like throwing his cup, toys and food and trying to lift up his placemat, he was really a very good little boy throughout dinner, particularly considering how long it was!

After dinner we stopped at Target and Babies 'R' Us for a few things...mostly some containers to help us with his new feeding habits (I've been wanting some cheap 2-section containers, and Take & Toss has them now...along with a certain type of snack cup and new sippy cups--Jacob bites the spouts on his and a couple are cracking). He was great through both of those stops as well, fed like a champ when we got home, and went to bed without incident. Fantastic.

He did wake up a couple times overnight again, so that is still an issue. Trying to decide if we should work on the cry it out technique sometime soon, or if we should just keep getting up with him. This morning when he woke up, he was feeling a little warm. I couldn't get a consistent temperature, though I did get one just over 100. But in general he still seemed fine...a little extra cuddly perhaps, but still smiling. He didn't eat or drink much this morning, so that was another little warning sign. Could be that he's getting sick (for the millionth time) or that his teeth are bothering him (aren't they always?). Either way I feel bad for him. He was a little extra clingy when it was time to say good-bye at day care, too. Of course, it didn't help that I dropped a jar of baby food on the floor there this morning (ugh!!), and they had to run the vacuum to pick up any stray glass. That spooked him a bit, and once I had him calmed back down and tried to leave, he got upset again. Poor baby. Hopefully he perked up as the day went on and the fever was just a result of teething and not something that's going to get worse. Guess I should double check his mouth again for any new teeth starting to show through the gums. Although, I swear sometimes the worst of it is when we can't even see them. I would hate for him to get sick, particularly because we have a fun weekend coming up. Nothing crazy busy, but a day care picnic, maybe a Red Wings game, and hopefully a visit with Jacob's little friend Colin (and his mommy Laurie, too!), who will be in town.

So, not as big of a downer as last time (yet), but after such a fun evening it was a bummer that Jacob wasn't feeling well this morning. I've also been agonizing a bit all day about his diet, because I'm afraid that some of the meat he's getting (chicken, which he loves) is a little too processed and probably contains nitrates, which aren't great for any of us to eat...but probably less so for babies. So that has me a little nervous as well. Definitely lots of questions for our next doctor visit in a week and a can't come soon enough, but I don't want to keep wishing summer away either! So much to think about...

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