Monday, June 15, 2009

Another fun weekend!

Well, it's back to work on another Monday with another fun weekend behind us. Friday night was mostly spent packing for our trip to Buffalo, but the weather was too nice to not take advantage of, so we took a walk to get some gelato. I had given Jacob a tiny little taste last time, and this time I gave him a couple of bigger bites...but still, it's such a little spoon that "big" bites are still pretty small. He seemed to enjoy it. Saturday morning we finished packing and headed out to Hamburg. Our niece and nephew's 7th birthday is tomorrow, and they did their celebrating this weekend. We went to the Buffalo Zoo for their party with their friends, and managed to check out pretty much everything between our walk to the party spot and in the couple hours after the party before the zoo closed for the day. It seems like every time we go Jacob notices the animals more and more. Still a ways to go, but we're getting there! I really wanted him to see the giraffes, since we have a stuffed one at home and he's got one on his wall, but the giraffes were inside by the time we got there and the house was closed for construction. Still, we could look in the doors and get a good glimpse of them, though I'm not sure if Jacob was smiling at them or if he saw his reflection in the glass doors. Next time, I guess!

Saturday night we tried to take Jacob in the pool for the first time, but the air was a little cold (even if the water was toasty) and he was not a fan, so that was short lived. We tried again Sunday afternoon when it was nice and sunny. Once again he attached himself to me like glue, but we walked around the pool for a while. I think that part was so relaxing that he fell asleep on my shoulder. I carried him around like that (thanks to the weightlessness of the water) for a while. Once he woke up a little bit, we tried again, this time putting him in this inflatable turtle. He really liked when we zoomed him around the pool, but still seemed to be trying to figure it all out. He kept bending forward, which was making us nervous because his face was getting awfully close to the water. I think he was just interested in the area where he was sitting, and the water that pooled there. Still, we spent a lot of time with him attached to me! We did play a little bit, and I think he had fun. I'm sure he will come to love it more and more each time.

After that we headed to the twins' family birthday party. We had a nice time in the beautiful weather, and Jacob had fun exploring the yard, going down a little plastic slide, and attempting to eat grass and weeds. Yum. We got on the road by 6:30, though, to make sure Jacob could get to bed at a reasonable time and I could get his laundry and whatever else done before my bedtime! All in all it was a great soon!

Jacob ate very well this weekend. He's really pushing back on the whole nursing thing these days. He's okay in the morning and before bed, but during the day it's a battle. We're really working on getting a lot of real food going so he's not missing out on any nutrition. It's hard, though. You just never know how much is the right amount. I've still been giving him baby food, though I think I'm done with buying stage 2s and will just focus on stage 3s (and mostly meat, at that) to get him used to chunks and slowly transition off of those foods. But for now it's insurance that he's still getting enough...finger foods make it so hard to tell! I did some major last minute cooking and dicing before we left on Saturday, and brought with us some containers of cooked carrots and sweet potato, along with some peaches. I packed them in a cooler with a couple things of yogurt, then brought a few jars of baby food and some bowls of cereal. It seemed to work pretty well. Jacob does great with the finger foods, and we'll keep adding more to the list as soon as I can get to the store and buy a new round. I've figured out how to microwave a sweet potato pretty good, and that will last at least a couple days. I want to start working in some meatless hot dogs and pre-cooked chicken, and maybe some sort of bread product. I think one of these days I'm just going to have to sit down and create a schedule for him so I can just reference that and not worry about what he's getting when. In my spare time, right? ;-)

The other big thing going on is that all of a sudden Jacob is sleeping later. He's been doing it since Friday. He might wake up briefly early, but he's been going back to sleep (with or without our help) and sleeping until after 7:30. This has totally thrown off our morning routine, but interestingly, it may just be starting the weaning process earlier than expected. Friday and today we skipped the morning feeding and he's been getting his breakfast at daycare instead. It's been weird, but since I'm not uncomfortable it's working out fine. I pump a little earlier in the morning at work, but keep my afternoon pumping as usual, so they're just getting spaced out a little more. We'll see if the trend continues...and even if it doesn't, I'll just give him his breakfast at home while I'm doing his bottles and packing my lunch, complete with a sippy cup of formula. The bedtime feeding will be the last to go, and we'll see how much longer that lasts.

We had such a good weekend that it made it extra hard to drop him off at day care this morning. He was in such a good mood. He still has his moments, but for all his craziness, he's definitely turning into this amazing little boy that is so fun to be around. He cracks me up. This will be a busy week preparing for his big day on much to do! I'm still in disbelief that this is happening, that's it's been a year already...but more on that later in the week, I'm sure...

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