Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm sure many posts in the next few weeks will be of the nostalgic sort, with little triggers here and there reminding me of the days before and after Jacob's arrival. Whether it's the weather, events this time of year, or whatever else, many things remind me of what I was going through a year ago. I've had flashes like that pretty much since the weather started warming up, because that was really when baby prep went into high gear last year. We started baby classes, we had showers, I went summer maternity clothes shopping, I spent many warm days and nights sitting in the nursery sorting through stuff, we planned which family parties we'd attempt to attend, etc. And as we've gone through the past couple months, doing some of those things again (or similar things) has taken me back to last year. I'm definitely weird like that...very nostalgic with random triggers and a vivid memory.

Anyhoo...a few television shows have been my triggers lately. A couple weeks ago the show "Wipeout" started its second season on ABC. If you haven't seen it, it's hilarious. It's based on the Japanese game show genre, basically where people sacrifice their bodies for the chance to be on TV and win some money. They go through these crazy obstacle courses and other games, and pretty much get beaten to a pulp. If you've ever seen "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" (MXC) on the Spike network, it's not far off...though it's really an American show and not a Japanese one roughly (and hilariously) redubbed in English. does this relate to last year? may recall my mini-breakdown during Jacob's first week, when I was overtired and having major nursing issues, and just generally feeling like a failure because I couldn't spend all day every day at the hospital and keep Jacob from having to be bottle/formula fed. It all came to a head one afternoon and I was truly inconsolable for a good three hours or so, unwilling to come out and talk to anyone, eat dinner, or anything. I just sat in my bedroom for a really long time. My spirits brightened a bit after some internet research on mixing breastfeeding and formula, but what really helped me get back to some sort of normalcy was watching "Wipeout". That night was the premiere, and my parents, Craig and I just sat there and laughed. It was the best therapy I could have asked for. Immediately following that was "I Survived a Japanese Game Show", which was a reality show featuring a bunch of Americans competing against each other in a "real" Japanese game show (it's made to seem like a real show, but it's actually a show that was created for this show but based on real shows and really located in Japan). I ended up falling asleep during that show (blame it on Jacob, not the show), but spent the rest of the summer enjoying it every week. Same with "Wipeout". "Japanese Gameshow" premieres again next week, and we're definitely looking forward to it. Of course, the problem with "Wipeout" right now is that I usually watch it while Jacob is getting his pre-bedtime nursing, and he jumps every time we laugh at someone who just fell flat on their face. Sounds childish, and maybe it is...but seriously, it's funny. But anyway, I will always have a soft spot for these shows because they brought me out of my funk that night with a good dose of laughter.

Another nostalgia show returns for season #2 tonight. "She's Got the Look" is the "America's Next Top Model" for the more mature set. It's hosted by Kim Alexis and it's on TV Land. It searches for the next great model over the age of 35. Very interesting stuff...less cattiness and more well-rounded women compared to ANTM, so that's cool. The reason I hold some nostalgia for this show is because it is the last thing we watched before our entire world changed. Immediately following an episode on Wednesday, June 18 last year, I was about to get ready for bed when I felt something funny...which happened to be the first trickle of amniotic fluid. After experiencing a few more mini-bursts and being pretty darn sure it was a real fluid leak and not just a funky bladder control issue, I called the doctor, packed my hospital bag, and went to bed just waiting for labor to start. Nothing happened, so the next day we went to the doctor, stopped at our respective offices, and were off to the hospital. About 12-14 hours later, Jacob was born. And for whatever reason, it just sticks with me that "She's Got the Look" was the last show we watched before it all happened. Funny, isn't it?

Ahhh, those were the days... :)

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