Tuesday, January 1, 2013

30 Week Belly Shot!

As promised, here's the latest belly shot!  I could finally get it taken now that our house is back to nearly normal and the setting I've normally used for these shots wasn't blocked by displaced stuff!  It's only been six weeks since my last one (longer than I wanted, but we've been busy!), but there's definitely a huge difference from last time.  My belly sticks out considerably farther than before...

I think I've hit the stage where I can't believe I'm going to get so much bigger, because part of me already feels huge!  I know I'm not, and I actually like how I look right now, but there are moments where I'm so uncomfortable and I can't quite fathom how I'm going to manage two months of this.  I can't get comfortable on the living room furniture, and sleeping is a challenge.  I don't remember things being like this so soon last time so I'm not sure what's up this time.  Last night I was looking at pictures of myself from last time around--at this point I was having my baby showers--and it's tough to tell how things compare since nothing I wore was form-fitting like my picture above.  But, like everyone keeps telling me, I'm five years older than last time!  

The baby seems to have shifted a bit lately.  He's doing a lot less drifting into my lower right side and spending a lot more time in the upper left.  I'm starting to think it's his shoulders but it's still hard to tell.  Some of the movements are definite body parts (even if I can't recognize them), rather than just general shifts, which is so weird but cool.

It hit me this morning that this whole pregnancy thing has been the defining element of our existence for nearly six months now!  I got pregnant in mid-June, and between waiting to confirm it, waiting to start feeling crappy, feeling crappy for over two months, and then diving head-first into Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, time has flown.  I can't believe this has been going on for so long already, that half the year has revolved around it.  The beginning of pregnancy seems to go so slow, but the end just flies by.  It's crazy.  Add in the needs of a preschooler, and it's overwhelming at times.  The holidays were always a mental hurdle, and now that they're past, we have a whole lot of work to do in two months!

It's going to be a busy year, and no doubt with two kids this one is going to fly too!  I can't believe we may have a crawling baby at this point next year!  How is that even possible?  Here goes nothin'...Happy New Year!

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