Monday, December 31, 2012


We've had a busy few days around here.  We're doing our best to take advantage of this time off to start working on getting this house baby-ready.  Of course, before we can do that, we have to make arrangements for the big boy that currently inhabits the baby's room.  The first step in this whole process was the carpet installation last Thursday.  We needed new carpet in two bedrooms, and we've pretty much known that since the moment we bought this house approximately three years ago.  In fact, we put in the offer on our house three years ago today, which was also Jacob's last day at his old daycare.  Crazy how time flies and things change!

In the time we've owned this house, we haven't had to do much to it.  And really, that was the plan.  Aside from buying a riding lawn mower to manage the big yard and the costs associated with the pool, we really haven't had to spend much on the house itself, which was a big switch from our old house, where we replaced the windows, front door, garage door and opener, hot water heater, stationary tub, basement windows, and bathroom light fixture, in addition to refinishing the floors and getting some minor concrete work done outside.  We could have done a ton of work on the ugly kitchen or ripped out the formerly mice-inhabited insulation and replaced it with clean stuff at a more energy-efficient thickness.  At the time, given the cost of those projects and the fact that the house seemed to small to add another baby to, it made sense to put that money into a house we'd like better, that would fit a growing family when the time came.  And after some looking, we found this one and fell in love with it nearly instantly.  We had the small detail, of course, of selling our house in time, which we did (after a lot of hand-wringing over one lost buyer and a lot of crappy concessions with the one that stuck).  In the two years and nine months we've been here, the changes have been minimal to non-existent, until last week.  The mint green carpeting with the crappy pad in our guest room and the ugly, beaten-down pink carpet in our bedroom had been on the chopping block, but the prospect of moving Jacob into the guest room was really the driving force to make it happen.  And aside from a couple minor hiccups (issues with the floor hardware for the closet doors and the fact that the bedroom doors need to be shaved down by a good quarter inch to stop rubbing on the carpet), it's great to finally have it done.  It makes it feel like a whole new house at times!  I'm in the process of getting new curtains to coordinate with the new quilt I got for our bed last month, so our room will finally start feeling like a grown-up room.  And over the past couple days, Jacob has begun transitioning into his new room.

He was intrigued by the bed we moved back into the room (there used to be two) and made up with his new sports bedding.  After sleeping on the floor for quite a while (most of the last year, in fact), his sudden interest in sleeping in a bed surprised me a bit.  Unfortunately, we couldn't do it Saturday night like he wanted because I needed to pull up the hand-me-down bedrail from the crawl space, clean it off, and figure out how to install it (since we didn't get instructions with it).  I was also hesitant about moving him over since living out of two rooms seems a little crazy.  But...yesterday I managed to clean the rail and figure out how to install it.  Then I put together a shelf we bought Saturday night to house some toys and books.  I picked out a new bed and dresser online and got them ordered.  I moved over his curtains, a lamp, and his monitor, nightlight, and clock.  He picked out some animals, Craig set up some storage for his sports stuff in the closet, and voila...big boy room in progress!

The arrival of his dresser will make a big difference because I can move over all of his clothes and make room for baby stuff.  Once the furniture is in, we can also decorate the walls with the handful of things we've collected over the past few years, and he should be good to go!  But all of the changes last night made the room sleep-ready, so Jacob had his first night in his big boy room and big boy bed!

It took him a while to fall asleep, but by all accounts everything went fine.  Here's a picture of the shelf I put together.  Between this shelf and the underbed storage he'll have, hopefully we can corral a good chunk of his toys...
The turquoise thing on the left is a hanging storage thing we got at IKEA ages ago.  It was in his room at our old house and held a few small stuffed animals.  This room had a hook in the ceiling already so I figured I'd give it a shot and see if it could serve a purpose in this room...
The room is going to be a work-in-progress for a while, but it's nice to be making any progress at all!  We've still got a long way to go before we're ready for this baby, but I'm hopeful that we can keep some momentum going, if only because we're down to less than 10 weeks to go and the ticking clock will keep me slightly panicky from here on out!

In other news, we've got a low key New Year's Eve planned.  Craig is fitting in a couple hours of work right now, and we'll probably just watch a movie and enjoy some sparkling grape juice later.  We did get a gingerbread house kit on clearance, so that should kill some time today or tomorrow, as well.  Jacob seems to be dropping his naps (at home, at least...daycare's have been shorter in general but peer pressure is a great thing sometimes), so that gives us an extra hour or two to work with, assuming we don't waste time trying to force him.  He's not really ready to be without it (he fell asleep on the way to dinner last night and woke up CRAZY), but yelling "No" for an hour or two while he asks if he can get up (despite telling him what to look for on the clock) isn't really my idea of fun, and it will be nice to not have to avoid running errands during that time, too.

I'll be sad to see this nice, long break finish up, but now begins the hardcore preparations at home and work for the baby's arrival, and that's a great thing, too!  We have quite the year ahead!  Happy New Year, everyone!

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