Saturday, January 5, 2013

Naptime and the New Room

Slowly but surely Jacob's new room is coming along.  We're still mostly on hold because his furniture still hasn't shipped nearly a week later, despite both sites saying that the packages will arrive by next weekend.  Hmmm.  However, we sorted through the rest of his books today and moved over all of the books he wanted in his room.  The rest are still on the other shelf, waiting for the baby.  I also emptied out most of the toys from the bookshelf cabinet (the rest may have to wait for the underbed storage to arrive), and all of his "crap" toys (Happy Meal toys, etc.) fit easily in one of the bins in his new shelf.  His main toys still take over the living room and most will have to move upstairs by the time this baby is mobile, but we have a good chunk of closet space to work with, along with that underbed storage, so I think we'll be in good shape for now.  That's the funny thing about "opening up" an additional room in your house...suddenly you have a whole new set of spaces to work with and things can find more sensible new homes.  We never really let the guest room become a dumping ground because we knew someday it would get filled up with Jacob's stuff, but it's nice to finally have that space to work with.  The crawl space has gotten a little fuller, but I think it's still reasonable and some of that stuff could get dumped if we ever have to move again...but no sense rushing into it now.  Anyway, Jacob's room won't be over-the-top cool--no fancy paint job or secret nook--but I think it will be fun and will suit him very well.  It'll be nice to get some things up on the wall once the furniture is in and helps us finalize the layout.  If nothing else, in the meantime it's fun to have a new space to hang out in after more than 2-1/2 years in this house. 

Jacob has been up and down with his behavior in the last few weeks.  He has moments of awesome and moments of complete ridiculousness.  He has showed a bit of his spoiled side around the holidays, as he's constantly asking for things and acting completely entitled.  I never wanted to think he was spoiled, but ultimately he is...thanks to generous family and at least one parent that bends over backwards to give him as fulfilling an existence as possible.  I will refrain from saying which of us it is, but I suppose in the end we've both had moments of wanting to make dreams come true, or finding a way to get things done, or doing something in the name of enhancing his life experiences...but in the end he's probably spoiled.  Which, incidentally, is why I held off on giving him the giant Lego set we got as the bike replacement for Christmas.  All that he got was plenty, so there was no need to do more, even though he would have no doubt loved it.  Anyway, there are times where he's awesome--sweet, obedient, engaging, smart, and independent.  His daycare reviews have actually been great for a few weeks now.  But then he has moments where he refuses to listen and will not just obey us because it's the right thing to do.  He battles, ignores, and throws tantrums, sometimes to extremes.  He demands things, knowingly says hurtful things, and complains about the most mundane, routine parts of daily life.  The Jekyll and Hyde act is tough, but the moments when things go well are great, and remind me why being a parent can be so fun.  Today was mostly one of those days.  Jacob and I are flying solo since Craig is on his first roadtrip of the Knighthawks season, and other than a couple disobedient streaks, we had a great day.

One funny moment today had to do with naptime.  Over Christmas break Jacob had battled us at naptime.  He'd stay awake and constantly ask to get up.  It was annoying and wasn't giving us the break we neededeither, so by the end I decided maybe it was time to give up on the nap and move on to "quiet time", which I've seen a lot of bloggers talk about when their kids hit this stage.  They don't make them nap, but they must spend time in their room, alone, to chill out a bit.  And if they happen to fall asleep, so be it.  One blogger I read has actually posted a hilarious, ongoing series of pictures of her daughter (a couple months older than Jacob) who gave up her nap months ago but has fallen asleep in random places on many an afternoon.  Jacob did manage to stay awake a few times, but the one day he fell asleep on the ride to dinner, and he's had moments where you can tell the sleep would have done him good.  The first time we did the "quiet time" thing, I told him he needed to stay in his room for an hour.  He could read, but he couldn't play sports.  He kept coming out, however, so I made him stay there for another 15 minutes.  When he didn't bug us after the 15 minutes were up, I wasn't in a rush to go get him since he was playing nicely.  Sometime after that we heard silence, and sure enough, he was out.  He was snuggled up in his bed.  Today I encouraged him to work on a big puzzle while he was up there for an hour.  He made a lot of trips out of the room yet again, but near the end he was still working on the puzzle.  Again, since he was playing nicely I wasn't in a rush to release him, and within 15 minutes after the end of the hour, I heard silence...and once again, he was sleeping.  This time he was laid out on the floor next to the puzzle, and he slept for nearly two hours.  It reminded me a bit of that old commercial for carpet where a baby was fussing, and the second the dad set him down on the cozy new carpet to free up his hands for a second, the baby passed out.  The moral of this story is that while Jacob no longer needs his nap, it's still not something he can totally shake.  He can get through without it, but his body still finds it useful at times.  It probably makes bedtime a bit more of a challenge, but it's a delicate balance at this point so I guess that's the price we pay.  The quiet time lets his body make that choice, so we'll just see how it goes each weekend.  No sense forcing it at this point since we'd only have a few more months of it at best.  Kindergarten awaits!

Suffice it to say that life with Jacob is a series of new adventures these days...and this is only the beginning! 

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