Monday, January 14, 2013

Nesting vs. Necessity

Pregnant women are infamous for nesting.  I don't feel like I experienced any crazy nesting urges last time, though I know I had a couple projects that could have been considered nesting-driven.  However, my take on it is that they were projects that had to be done at some point, and I knew that if I didn't do them prior to having the baby, they'd never get done...or at the very least I'd be kicking myself when I absolutely had to do them while dealing with a needy infant.  So, last time around I cleaned and reorganized some shelves in our basement and replaced the border in our bathroom.

I wish that nesting manifested itself in me with the urge to clean everything in sight, but unfortunately that's not the case.  In fact, that couldn't be less true!  My house is pretty nasty at the moment because the last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day is cleaning.  However, this time around I've been more focused on organization and order.  Jacob's constant mess makes me nuts.  Clutter on my kitchen counters or the coffee table is a constant source of annoyance.  Of course, I'm stuck in a weird spot because I'm generally a saver.  I don't like throwing things out, and I worry about getting rid of something because I might need it later.  Our crawl space is rapidly filling up, and it makes me a little crazy, but I don't want to ditch furniture, old decor items, or empty boxes, because we might need them sometime.  My philosophy is that if there's a place for it to stay neatly out of the way, we can keep it for now.  Hence why Jacob's coloring books are in a basket and I keep trying to buy bins for toys and clothes, since we now have another kid who will use them later and a crawl space that will hold them for now.

There's still a lot that we need to get done before this baby comes, and I think nesting is making me a little more anxious than usual to get things done.  We'd have to do them anyway, but I feel a little frantic to get them done NOW.  I felt that way about Christmas, too, and it picked right up with the baby stuff once the holidays were over.  The carpeting (and all of the house upheaval that went with it) was the first part, then getting Jacob's room set up was second.  I ordered Jacob's furniture on December 30th, and hoped that it would arrive on schedule so it could be put together ASAP, and on a weekend when I had larger chunks of time and Craig around to help me if need be.  

You may be wondering why I would be the one putting furniture together, since it doesn't seem like something a 7+ months pregnant woman should be doing.'s the thing.  Craig is not really mechanically inclined.  Handyman stuff is not his forte.  It's not exactly mine either, but I tend to be a little more patient with instructions and tedious work, and over the years I've gotten pretty good at furniture assembly (thank you, IKEA).  I know he's usually got a lot on his mind with work, and for him to dedicate hours to stuff like that...well, it's just not his thing.  And most of the time, that's fine.  It's just when I'm pregnant that it becomes a bit challenging.  We did Jacob's crib together last time in the sweltering heat of our house, but I did most of the changing table/dresser myself, with some assistance from him for flipping it and having an extra set of hands for certain steps.  To be honest, I find it challenging to have a helper when putting furniture together anyway, since it's such a step-by-step process and only one person can really do anything at any given time, aside from something like drawer assembly where there are multiple sets of pieces to be worked on. 

Anyway...I knew this task would fall to me so I was eager to get it done as soon as possible, before I got any more uncomfortable.  I was a little concerned when the pieces took so long to ship (well over a week), but in the end the shipping part was extra fast.  Two pieces arrived Thursday and the third came Friday.  Two of the boxes were huge and heavy, and it was a brutal task just to get them in the house.  I ended up opening the boxes in the living room and transporting handfuls of pieces up to Jacob's new room so we didn't have to carry the boxes up the stairs (since I'm not supposed to be lifting much anyway).  I spent the vast majority of my afternoons both days this weekend putting it all together--Jacob's bed and headboard on Saturday, and his dresser yesterday--and I won't lie, it was exhausting.  My hands are sore today, and I'm still sporting a band-aid from a blister.  But it's done. 

Despite my exhaustion I still managed to move the rest of Jacob's stuff into his new room.  His clothes are in the closet and the dresser, a few toiletry items have been transferred, and the couple things from his walls that are going in the new room have been taken down and are awaiting their new home.  There are still some stuffed animals in there (we have yet to fight that battle) and some wall decals will be moved once the rest of the wall hangings find a place (or the baby's room gets painted, whichever comes first), but for the most part the baby's room is emptied of the big boy stuff.  We still have to decorate Jacob's walls and figure out which toys are coming into his room vs. staying in the living room (for now), but all things considered, I'm happy this portion of the transition is done.

Craig probably thought I was nuts at times this weekend because I was so intent on getting things done, but while I could chalk it up to nesting, I'm well aware that I'm driven by a limited time frame and things just needed to get done.  There's only so much time to finish these tasks, and this weekend was Craig's last full weekend off until the baby's due, so I had to take full advantage of it while I could.  That left Craig to wrangle Jacob most of the weekend, which was a challenge in itself. 

This process is exhausting and sometimes it feels like I'm being driven to keep going by some strange force, but make no mistake...while nesting might keep me going, I'm grateful for the push.  This stuff needs to get done and nesting is simply doing its part to offset the fact that that pregnancy makes me want to take a lot of naps.  Let's hope it keeps up, because we don't have much longer to go!

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