Monday, January 28, 2013

Random News & Notes

- I knew that my last pregnancy was a pretty good one, but it's definitely taken this pregnancy to realize just how great it was.  The fact that I wasn't really nervous about going early until I hit the 36-week mark and found out I was dilating is such a stark contrast to how things are this time around, where I've been sort of nervous for a good 3-4 weeks already that something has been brewing.  I haven't even hit 36 weeks yet--this week will be 35--and I'm getting super paranoid every time I notice a weird symptom--that my watch or shoes are tighter, that my belly might look a little lower, that my lower back pain sometimes hits even when I'm not dealing with the sciatica issue, etc.  I can't believe how I breeezed through this period last time, enjoying our childbirth classes, sorting through baby stuff, shopping for summer clothes, and not really mentioning on the blog any sort of discomfort.  I was so lucky.  And if nothing else, this is a vivid reminder that this should be our last child, because I can't even imagine the protest my body might put up if I tried to do this again in a couple years!

- I also had no idea how well timed out my last pregnancy was.  Obviously we didn't exactly plan it that way (since we physically couldn't and ultimately didn't know when I actually was pregnant), but on top of the obvious summer baby advantage, there was a big advantage wardrobe-wise.  I'm getting to the point now where things are starting to get too small.  Waistbands are tight and shirts are short.  Last time around I had to go buy new clothes at this point because the weather was warming up and unless I wanted to sweat like crazy, I needed some summer clothes.  I could buy them specifically to fit my ever-growing belly, knowing that I only had to account for a couple more months of getting bigger.  This time my wardrobe has been in cold weather mode pretty much from start to finish, meaning that it has had to fit my little belly and this crazy big belly I'm sporting right now.  Knowing that I might only have a few weeks left, there's no point in running out to buy new stuff, so I have no choice but to make do with what I have.  Yes, last time it felt a little wasteful to buy a bunch of new summer clothes that were only going to get a couple months of use, but again--it was 90 degrees and I had no choice!  Though, to be honest, I don't even think I have the energy or ability to shop like that right now, even if I wanted to.  We were out shopping this weekend for a bit and I hit my limit pretty quickly.  Ugh.

- I really need to take another picture of my belly because it is really getting big.  I actually want to take some bare belly shots, too, because you can really see some crazy definition where (I think) his butt and shoulders have been wedged for a while now.  I have these ever-present rock-hard bumps and from what the doctor told me at one point, those are most likely the body parts causing them.  I'll hopefully get a little more insight at my appointment later this week.  The belly sticks out pretty far now, and while someone just told me it looks high, I'm pretty sure it's lower than it was last time around.  I could be wrong, but I don't have enough good pictures to know for sure.

- This baby really needs to find a new place to kick.  I don't mind when my belly moves around like there's an alien in there.  In fact, I think that's pretty cool.  I like when unidentifiable body parts (probably elbows or shoulders, mostly) move around.  What I don't like is when the movement is more internal.  This baby has taken to doing something--moving his hands, maybe--in a spot that is buried deep in my belly, and I swear, it feels like he's trying to dig his way out through the birth canal.  It feels so weird and is a little unnerving given my fear of going into labor at any moment.  It is pretty uncomfortable at times, and it's generally the one movement that tends to make me say "ouch" the most often.  I should probably consider myself lucky that I don't have a baby with kicks lethal enough to break ribs or anything like that, but this sensation is really uncomfortable and kicks up my worry meter more than anything else.

- Jacob skipped his naps this weekend and as a result he was quite a difficult child for the majority of the two days.  He hadn't been that bad for such a sustained period of time in quite a while.  I even tried to force a nap on him yesterday after his lack of a nap on Saturday led to the nap at the Knighthawks game, but he fought it all afternoon and never took one.  By dinnertime he was disobedient, irrational, obnoxious, and generally hard to deal with.  He has isolated moments like that a lot of the time, but lately he's been pretty good overall (aside from always getting distracted and not doing things when he's supposed to)...but yesterday in particular was constantly challenging.  This no-nap transition really stinks.  I should be grateful it's taken this long to arrive, but man, is it annoying.  On a side note, we have managed to move his bedtime about a half hour earlier over the last week or so.  He'd been a bear to get out of bed most mornings so I figured it might be time.  I feel bad doing it since we don't get that much time with him in the evenings as it is, but knowing that Kindergarten is coming anyway, there isn't much we can do.  I can't say we've been super strict with it, but he's most likely getting to bed 15-30 minutes earlier than he used to.  Hard to tell if it's made a difference, though, as mornings are still pretty tough and it's still a crapshoot as to whether or not he falls asleep when he should.  At least we're making an effort.

I know there was probably more, but this is all my eyes will stay open for.  Yawn.

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