Saturday, December 15, 2012

Surreal Day

Yesterday was a bit of a strange day.  It was a loooong day, but for the most part good.  We leisurely woke up and started to get ready for our trip to Montreal.  Then Craig got word that the Knighthawks had pulled off a blockbuster trade, so he was scrambling to get a press release together, get some interviews, and notify the media.  We had wanted to make a couple stops on our way out of town--the post office and bank--but I ended up doing the post office myself while he got ready and then we went to the bank to finally deposit the check from my insurance payoff on my car (they made it out to both of us so we had to both be there to sign off on it), and by the time we left it was quite a bit later than we had hoped. 

The GPS sent us out Route 104 instead of the Thruway (and it was fine, but I think we'll do the Thruway on the way home) but it seemed to take forever to get to Watertown for lunch at Cici's Pizza.  We heard about the school shooting on Connecticut on the way there, but didn't find out about the scope of it until I checked Facebook after lunch and saw post after post about it and realized it must have been BAD.  And it was.  It definitely took the joy out of having stuffed my bottomless pit of a stomach with a variety of pizzas and desserts, and cast a bit of a pall over the rest of the day. 

I don't have much to add about this topic that everyone hasn't already said or thought.  It's horrible, unthinkable, and beyond awful.  And knowing that we're sending Jacob off to Kindergarten next year, it's scary to think that could easily have been him.  Heck, there was a daycare that got terrorized a few years back (in another country, perhaps?), and that was crazy, too.  I can't even imagine the horror those parents are dealing with today.  They lost their innocent child.  Their child's end was horrific and they weren't there to comfort them. We're now 10 days from Christmas and the gifts those parents bought for their kids will go ungiven.  The holiday will never be the same, and neither will that community.  I can only hope that this tragedy brings about something that will change our society for the better moving forward--be it better gun laws (though I don't think any of the weapons used here was an assault weapon), better security procedures, or better mental health treatment.  I don't know...something.  I will say that it was a relief to have Jacob with us yesterday, because I know based on countless Facebook posts by my friends that it was hard being apart all day. 

Still, I was excited to come to Montreal.  I have been here twice, though once was only passing through on my way to Quebec while in high school.  The last time I was here was my junior year in college, for a long weekend during spring break with three friends.  We had a great time, and I've been meaning to get back ever since.  The Knighthawks' exhibition game this weekend was a great excuse, and after a long drive, here were are.  Although my excitement these days is a bit different than it was back in my hockey-obsessed, French-speaking days, it was still great to see the city and wander through it last night.  We decided to head to the entertainment complex that is housed in the former home of the Montreal Canadiens, the Forum, to grab some dinner and see what Canadiens' elements were left.  I'll have some pictures to post later.  There wasn't a ton of stuff, but there was some, and like I said in a Facebook status, that little bit was far more than Buffalo has left of the Aud.  Being there and knowing what was once inside those walls just added to the surreal feeling of the day.  This morning I woke up to a view of the city and the Canadiens' current home, the Bell Centre, and we'll be heading there with the Knighthawks shortly.

It should be an interesting and fun day, but yesterday definitely wins the prize for being strange and slightly surreal all around.  God bless those families.   

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