Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Recap

Well, we survived Christmas...barely.  It has been a crazy few days (weeks!), but hopefully we can settle back into some sort of lower key routine soon.  Just in time to have things totally blown up by a baby, but you know...

So, after the debacle on Saturday night with the bike, we got up on Sunday to do our gifts like we would on Christmas morning.  The tradition in my house growing up was that we had to sit at the top of the stairs for a picture before running downstairs to open gifts.  Well, I decided to try for the same tradition at our house, even if the stairs are in plain sight of the tree and we may not have too many opportunities to do it this way, so here's the result...

As I mentioned, there wasn't really a "Wow" moment but Jacob seemed happy enough with what he got.  He did keep asking for more gifts, but I think he could have had a room full of gifts and still said the same thing.  Not sure if that's just the age, or society, or whatever else, but it does get to be quite annoying and make you feel like you've raised a selfish, greedy little brat.  Ugh. he is holding a DVD of Rookie of the Year, a movie we've been borrowing long-term from his grandparents that he now has his own copy of.

And here's his new Sabres jersey (a very cheap one I found on clearance at Walmart a while back)...

In this one you can see a handful of his gifts...the little Syracuse football guys (with referee) that I ran out to Kohl's to get on Saturday night after he saw them and really wanted them (and we were running out of options), a bag of mini Twix bars (which he loves), and his new doctor kit.  

Since I usually post a picture of the tree at night, I figured I'd post one with natural daylight for a change.  

After more wrapping and packing and final details, we headed out to Buffalo and arrived around dinnertime at Craig's parents'.  The next day, Christmas Eve, we made a special visit to see Craig's Nana.  We usually don't get to see her for Christmas because our schedules just don't match up, but knowing she doesn't have many Christmases left, we got up early and made it to her place in time to spend a little over an hour with her.  It was really great to see her and deliver our present in person.  Jacob entertained her and one of her friends, and we kept her company while she waited for Craig's aunt to pick her up for the day.  It was a very nice visit and I'm so glad we got to do it.

I had a nice little time to chill and reflect and pray (given the insanity that went down earlier in the day in Webster, NY, a mere 15-ish minute drive from our house, where two firefighters were killed and two more first responders injured when someone set a trap for them) when I dropped off some food ahead of time at Craig's aunt's house.  The drive was quiet and peaceful and I enjoyed the opportunity to listen to Christmas music and take a few moments to reflect and prepare for the insanity that always is our two days of Christmas.

We went to Christmas Eve mass at Craig's parents' church.  It was nice (though very busy!) and Jacob surprised me by drawing little creatures around a picture of the nativity in the program and proclaiming that they were sheep and an angel.  Hmmm. They weren't exactly anatomically correct or anything, but they had bodies and faces, which was sort of a new thing for him.

We headed out to Craig's aunt's house to see his extended family, eat some food, and exchange gifts.  Jacob got a new baseball guy, a cool coloring book, and a Spider-Man figure.  After eating a ton of Christmas cookies, we headed over to Craig's brother's house to exchange gifts with the immediate family.  Jacob was shocked and excited to receive this:

That is the Lego City Forest Police Station, not to be confused with the police station we bought him during the insanity a couple nights earlier.  This one is a bit smaller and differently themed, but he's gone back and forth wanting one or the other for a while now.  He was so excited to see this one, though, and told Craig's mom that she picked the right one!  He gave her a big hug, too.  It was cute.  We still haven't decided what to do with the other one at the moment, but needless to say, he's not getting it this time around!

He also got a cool Poland shirt...

...and some other clothes, a smaller set of Legos, and a couple other things.  The baby also got a Polish shirt of his own!  We ate a lot more Christmas cookies and had our usual late night, but at least Jacob fell asleep relatively quickly.

The next morning we got up, got ready, and headed out to my parents' house.  When we got there, my parents were on Facetime with John, Kristin, Kate, and Max in Portland.  They opened presents while we watched, and then my parents opened a big one that had been sitting in their living room for a few days...

Turns out it was a canvas reproduction of Max's first work of art!  After dinner we opened presents again, and Jacob got a sleeping bag!

He also got a remote control boat for our pool, some clothes, and some other toys.  Later in the evening we saw my extended family, and he got this cool Lego storage box that unzips into a play mat.  It's really cool, but unfortunately Jacob wanted there to be Legos in it, so his reaction wasn't quite what it should have been. He played with his second cousins and a puppy, and I had the pleasure of providing to everyone a family traditional dish, Broken Glass, which my aunt passed along to me this year.  It's basically flavors of jello cut up in whipped cream and put in a graham cracker crust.  It's awesome and some people were very happy to see it.

We had a great few days, until this morning when Jacob decided to have the mother of all tantrums over nothing, which set a not-so-great tone for the day.  I'm sure I'll blog more on that later.  We've had a busy day unpacking and trying to get the house ready for our carpet tomorrow--assuming this crazy snowstorm doesn't impact things.  But for tonight I will leave you with this--our Christmas card this year.  It's hard to see, but the top picture is Jacob learning up against an elephant statue at the Atlanta Zoo, the middle picture is Craig and me on the turf with the Cup the night the Knighthawks won the championship, and the bottom picture is a picture of my belly with our tree in the background.
"From our team to yours...We wish you a blessed holiday season!  Love, Craig, Amy, Jacob, and our Little Player to be Named Later (March 2013!)"
We hope you had a wonderful holiday!  Stay safe if you're in the snow zone these next couple days!

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