Sunday, December 9, 2012


This week when I was running around like a madwoman trying to complete as much Christmas shopping as possible, I noticed something funny when it came to shopping for boys clothes.  Primarily I was shopping for Jacob, but I was also looking for an outfit for my year-old nephew and in the process glancing at the tiny baby clothes for baby boy #2.  It was so weird looking at so many different sections of the boys department.  No matter where I was, there was always someone to be shopping for!

While I can sometimes pull off 5T clothes for Jacob at this point, I'm mostly looking in the big boys section now.  He fits just about perfectly in a boys' XS, but in some cases I'm not sure that will fit for long as he already fits in some size smalls!  It boggles my mind to think he's totally past the little boys section now.  Those long arms and legs will no doubt plague us for years to come.  Craig was pretty much at his present height by by the beginning of high school, so we can only imagine what the next 10 years have in store for Jacob! 

As I was venturing back into the baby section to look for a Christmas gift for my nephew Max, my eyes certainly glanced over to the tiny baby stuff.  While this baby boy is going to be pretty well-stocked with clothes once he hits the 2T range, there may be some seasonal differences until that point since Jacob and the new baby will be about three months off, which is the same span that little baby clothes are sized in.  So, while certain seasons may have a little overlap, some won't.  Most of Jacob's 0-3 month clothes were onesies because it was too hot to wear much else during that time of year.  As a result, this baby isn't going to have much to start out with aside from any gifts we get.  I've browsed some clearance and sales racks looking for some deals to fortify his wardrobe a bit (or at least buy something cute to come home in), but I'm having a tough time buying anything.  Sizes generally shift from newborn to 0-3 months around the 8 lb. mark, which is a tough spot.  Everyone knows that no one stays in newborn sizes for long, but it might be worth having one for the ride home at the very least.  But Jacob was long and skinny (just under 7 lbs.) and he was born in summer so sleeve and pant lengths were less important.  I'd hate to have the baby swimming in his first day home outfit (of course, he wouldn't be the first!), but then again it's not like I can do any shopping when the time comes so I should be prepared either way.  Hmmm.  I guess I should just get some of both from a place with a good return policy!

Looking at the sizes in between has been funny, because having such a big boy has skewed my perceptions a bit.  I look at the 18 month sizes and can't believe he was still so tiny at that point.  The clothes look shockingly small!  And to think I thought he was such a big boy then!  The newborn clothes are just laughable, but I know to just assume a newborn is going to be shockingly small.  The years in between must be a bit of a blur, because I no longer have any concept of how big or small he was at any of those stages.  It's sure going to be interesting doing this all over again because there's plenty we've forgotten!

Perhaps this baby is coming along at just the right time, to make sure I'm not too wistful as Jacob officially moves out of the baby-toddler-preschooler stage.  Even though it feels like he's been around for ages, it still blows my mind a bit that there's a five-year span between these two and a lot of time has passed since we went through this the first time!  There's a lot of ground we've covered, and now we're going to do it again...all while managing a whole new set of stages as Jacob continues to grow up.  There are moments where it's all overwhelming, but we'll get through it the same way we did the first time around--one step at a time--only with a little more multitasking this time around.  Three months to go...or less! 

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