Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Little Taste of Christmas

Last Sunday Jacob had his first Sunday School Christmas program.  He's done the daycare one a couple times before, and for the most part it's been fine.  He did that whole microphone stealing thing last year (not sure why the video isn't coming up--ugh), but at least he hasn't been the kid running up and down the aisles or anything like that.  This year, given Jacob's desire to test everyone and be generally difficult, I was a little concerned about the Sunday School program since it's a bigger audience and generally a little less familiar to him than his daycare crew.  Right off the bat when he heard they'd be dressing as angels, he was less than thrilled.  But eventually he seemed to warm up to the concept and I kept my fingers crossed.
When the day of the program came, I did my best to get him fed and down for a nap as early as I could, so he'd be rested enough by the time I had to get him up and out the door (Craig was working but made it in time for the performance).  Well...the nap thing didn't go so well.  It would have been early enough, had he actually napped.  Ugh.  He still seemed to be in decent spirits once he was released from his room, though, and off we went.
We had the pleasure of being joined in the audience by my Aunt Lynne and cousin Lori (Jacob's godmother), so that was nice.   The program was mostly done by the Kindergarten through 5th grade kids, and they did a nice job.  It's always interesting to see how these things go.  The story was centered around a puzzle and there were three girls explaining to another girl what all of the symbols of Christmas mean.  For each scene there was a song, and Jacob's group finally came in near the end to do their two songs.
I caught this shot of Jacob on his way in, a moment before he realized we were there...

Note the finger in his mouth in the picture above, and note that it stayed there for a good portion of the time he was up front.  When he wasn't doing that, he was pointing at us, apparently trying to get us to not look at him (per what he said later).  One thing he was not doing?  Singing.  Ugh.

He wasn't disruptive or anything, but he didn't sing and definitely didn't do the hand motions.  They sang Away in a Manger and Twinkle Twinkle Special Star, then joined in with the big kids to sing the main theme song for the program.  And I'm pretty sure Jacob sang almost none of it, despite singing right along at the rehearsal the day before.  And to think I was annoyed because he didn't do the hand motions on Saturday!  He pretty much just stood there with a goofy grin on Sunday, not doing much of anything.  Ugh.

Of course, at some point he lost a bobby pin and his halo came off, which then compelled him to try to hand it off to his teacher and then come down to her where she was in front of the kids (about three steps forward, nothing too horrible) to get help.  At least it wasn't super noticeable since the focus was back on the big kids by then.  Later on I told him about the old adage, "The show must go on."  Hopefully he'll remember that for next time.  Despite that little debacle, it still wasn't as bad as it could have been, but still...arg.

After it ended we headed off to his classroom to pick him up.  His halo had been reattached and I snapped this picture of my little angel...

We got his wings off without strangling him, had some snacks, and headed home.  It wasn't ideal, but it wasn't a total failure either since he did manage to look cute most of the time in spite of his ridiculousness.  There's always next year.

Monday Jacob got a little head start on Christmas when Lori stopped by with his gift from her.  She's going to be hanging out at Disney for Christmas this year with her niece, and given crazy schedules and all that, she wanted to bring Jacob's present over early.  His first gift from her was a big Lego Ideas book, which I'm sure he will use for years to come as he tries to create many things with his overabundance of Legos.  Between the sets he's acquired and Craig's lifelong collection, he's got quite a bit to work with--though if you ask either of the boys, they'll insist they don't have enough pieces to do what they want!

Here he is opening his second gift...

This one was recommended to her by me after our last shopping trip to Target.  It's a box, of sorts, that has a Lego plate base on one side, a drawer to store Legos inside, and a carrying handle.  I thought it might be a great little device for him for two reasons.  First, he often wants to bring Legos with him when we travel, but for obvious reasons that is not a great idea.  However, this might make it a little more doable.  Second, once baby #2 is mobile, all of the Legos will need to be locked away in Jacob's room.  However, if he wants to sometime bring some down to work with when he knows his brother won't have a chance to get into them, he could just throw the ones he wants into the drawer and they'll stay mostly contained.  It's worth a try, anyway, and regardless, he'll love having another base plate to work with. 

The Lego "thing" in our house is crazy, but I have a hard time discouraging it entirely because he plays independently so nicely with them and it's better than him playing video games, watching TV, or being into any other number of annoying things the stores are hawking these days.  It's taking a lot of effort to keep it under control (i.e., not have the entire living room floor scattered with tiny foot torture devices), but we're doing what we can.  Note the dark red mini bin behind the gift--we got that at the dollar store the other day to give the loose Legos that are often scattered on the floor a nighttime home.  Figured it was worth a buck to give it a shot.

We've got a busy couple weeks ahead of us now.  We're off to Montreal this weekend, have Craig's work Christmas party one night next week, and Jacob's daycare Christmas program another night.  We still have some buying to do, and a lot of wrapping, before heading out late next weekend to start our Christmas celebrations.  Wow, this month is going FAST!  Hopefully lots to report soon!

Oh, and one more thing to celebrate--this is post #900!  Holy cow!

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