Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Little More Christmas Cheer

Here are the videos of Jacob's daycare Christmas program. I was a little slow on starting because I wasn't sure I was going to record them both, but you'll get the idea:
The fact that these are here means that I have finally gotten all of my videos uploaded to YouTube!  I wanted to do them in chronological order, get all caught up, and then upload new ones in a timely manner so I can post them here at the right time.  I did the last batch while being confined to my couch during our carpet installation today.  The carpet is in and from what I can tell it looks good, but nothing is back in the rooms yet because Craig had to go to Knighthawks practice in Canada today and is on his way home now.  We'll get the house back to normal soon, and then we can start working on Jacob's room.
I ended up getting caught in a wave of nesting once the carpet was done, because I decided to take down the old valances in our bedroom, and when I did that it pulled the top level of drywall off in spots (almost like they were installed when the paint was still wet), so then I had to fill in the holes...which led to me wanting to paint the still-unpainted window trim in our room, which didn't go particularly well.  Not bad, just not great.  Needless to say, I am beat now and even dozed off a bit while Jacob was playing with some of his Legos tonight.  We should have some good family time tomorrow, which will be fun..  But for now...I'm ready to head off to bed...which is still in the living room...

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