Friday, December 28, 2012

30 Weeks

Well, we're pretty much at 30 weeks now, which means it's only 10 weeks (or less) until we welcome baby boy #2.  Wow.  I knew December was going to fly, and it has.  And suddenly, here we are.  We have so much to do in the next 10 is crazy.  We've had a productive few days around here with the carpet installation in Jacob's new room and our bedroom.  I've been trying to get some elements of our bedroom finished up, though it's not going particularly well...but at the very least the new carpet has gotten me in the mindset of wanting to get things done because I know my time is limited.  Inevitably if I let this stuff slide, it's going to get lost in the shuffle of focusing on the needs of two kids, so it's now or practically never. 

The good news about the carpet is that it forced us to clean most of our stuff out of Jacob's new room.  We now pretty much have a blank slate.  We moved my old twin bed back in there, though I'm still planning on getting Jacob a better bed with storage.  I'll make up the bed with his new bedding in the meantime, though, just because it's one less thing to do and it will work in a pinch.  I'm making it my mission to get his new furniture picked out and ordered in the next few days, because getting him a dresser is really the key to making the switch.  I need to move his clothes over so I can make room in the baby's room for the baby stuff.  I'm coming to the realization that we may need to hire someone to paint the baby's room (it's purple and I'd like it to be blue), because the amount of setup and detail work needed (the trim around the entire room is a medium purple and will take a lot of skillful taping and multiple coats of paint to make white) seems beyond what we have the time, patience, and energy for.  Craig's weekends are going to be spent working pretty much starting next weekend, and I don't want to let this hold us up from getting the rest of the room ready.  So that's on my to do list as well.  Hopefully one of my Facebook friends has a good lead.  Oh, and I need to do some registering ASAP because Craig's co-workers are throwing us a shower and I have no idea what they can buy us beyond a new baby monitor, some washcloths, and some clothes.  Hmmmm.

It's nice to have a week off of work to think about a lot of this stuff.  Unfortunately the holiday and the carpet interrupted things a bit, but in their own way I suppose they increase the urgency to get things done while we have the chance.  We've also been trying to spend time with Jacob since we know how much he values his time away from daycare and our uninterrupted time with him is limited.  I'd like to do something fun with him, like make cookies or do a (clearance-priced) gingerbread house.  The past couple days we put together his big Lego police station, which was very exciting for him. 

What has really struck me this week is how I'm physically going downhill fast.  There's been a lot of temptation the past few days to push myself--to carry things around the house, move furniture, and do miniature home improvement projects.  I spent a while the other night pulling staples out of our bedroom floor since it was one of the few ways I could contribute to the carpeting project.  Craig moved most of the furniture on his own and pulled up, cut, and removed all of the old carpet and padding.  He was amazing.  So, pulling staples was the least I could do.  It wasn't bad, but by the end I was tired and all of the crawling around and trying to stand back up was harder than I anticipated.  I'm pretty sure I'm a little bigger than last time, but I feel like things are falling apart far sooner.  I worked out until I was 7-1/2 months last time.  This time things have been a little more complicated.  Last time I did a couple workouts a week (one class, one cardio), but this time I've only managed one, and apparently it's made a difference.  The holidays came at a critical point this time, because things have been crazy and I couldn't fit in a workout in the last couple weeks...and now I'm nervous about going back.  The past couple weeks have been a little nerve wracking because I've been feeling more discomfort than I remember showing up this early last time.  If I was feeling it, I don't think I blogged about it.  I recall that I never got so uncomfortable that I was in a rush to get the baby out, but at this rate that might not be the case this time.  Today I was having some sensations in my nether-regions that I don't remember having until after I stopped working out (so, at least a month beyond the point I'm at now).  I started getting them during walks and I was convinced I was dilating as I walked.  God forbid that's happening this time, but we won't know for sure for another six weeks, at which point the internal exams start.  It just makes me nervous that I'm already getting extra worn out and sore at times.  I'm very uncomfortable when I sleep, and getting up and around is no picnic either.  Bending is hard, and sometimes I catch myself waddling, which I swear I didn't do last time.  Ugh.

On the bright side, I'm pretty impressed with my belly.  It's big, yes, but I'm still getting a lot of compliments about how the belly's just a basketball and how you'd never know I'm pregnant from looking at me from the back.  Sometimes you almost wouldn't know I'm pregnant from the front either, but it's abundantly obvious from the side.  This time around I really like how fitted clothes look on me, and when I look at my bare belly, I'm shocked at how much I like it.  I still have definition around my ribcage (I still have ribs!), and my belly is perfectly nice and round.  I'm sure no one else would find it attractive, but for whatever reason, I find it much cooler this time around.  The downside of being pregnant during the winter, though, is that my bump is usually hidden under a massive winter coat, so a) I probably just look fat rather than pregnant; and b) I miss out on all of the happy looks and random comments that I got from strangers last time when it got warm enough to ditch the coat. 

As for the baby...well...based on the content of my blog posts this time around, he's already getting the shaft.  I feel like I thought endlessly about the baby last time, but this time he's sort of an afterthought.  Not on purpose, but when you have another lively child to deal with and things like the holidays pop up, it's hard to focus on much else.  We haven't even finalized a name, and like I said, I haven't done a thing to get his room ready.  Sometimes I forget that labor is coming and we'll be plunged back into a life that's run by a helpless newborn within a couple of months.  We've gotten so used to having an independent (albeit defiant) child who can go to the bathroom by himself and put on his own boots (after we tell him 10 times), and we can usually stay in bed (even if we're not sleeping) until at least 8am on weekends.  I have time to blog in the evenings and haven't fallen asleep on the couch in months.  Like it or not, those days are coming to an end.  Perhaps I'm trying to deny reality because I know how hard it all can be.  I'm savoring what I can of this pregnancy despite the discomforts because I'll probably never do it again and this is such a unique and special time.  But the craziness is coming.  It may not seem like it, but this is the calm before the storm.  I know that quite well based on how I felt after Jacob was born, but I can barely fathom life with two kids so once again I'm going into this not quite sure of what to expect.  Let's hope the "caring for a baby" part comes back instinctively and I can focus on managing Jacob and enjoying the entire experience instead.  Wishful thinking, I'm sure. 

Pardon me while I go take some deep breaths now...

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