Tuesday, December 11, 2012


In the past few days, I've really started feeling big.  I don't know if it has something to do with having that week off of work, where the change from before to after is easier to notice, but perhaps I really did just expand quite a bit and it's extra noticeable now.  I know that the baby is getting rapidly bigger (he's up to over two pounds now), so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise, but there are moments I look at myself and wonder how crazy it's going to be two months from now!

That said, I like what I'm seeing right now.  My belly may be big, but it balances out my curves quite well.  Everything is still in proportion, and while I'm sure everything has expanded, nothing seems to have expanded beyond what I'd reasonably expect.  I can look head on into a mirror and not feel like I look huge.  I still have curves where they're supposed to be--a pleasant hourglass, if you will.  The belly is a little more than a basketball, but it's all still pretty focused in that area.  My chest is considerably bigger than it used to be, which has its good and bad points, but again, everything is in balance so I can deal.

Comfort-wise things are getting a little harder.  Sleeping is a definite challenge because I just can't seem to get comfortable.  I wrap myself around a body pillow, but every time I turn over to my other side (back and belly are off-limits, of course), I have to reposition the pillow which means I have to wake up a bit to do it.  Plus I'm having crazy dreams every night (nothing particularly bad, just random and vivid), so inevitably I wake up in the middle of the night to turn over and end up pondering whatever dream I just woke up from.  Sometimes it's even uncomfortable sitting in a chair.  Round ligament pain (discomfort in the area directly under the belly) is really my big complaint at this point.  It gets sore relatively easily, particularly after a lot of activity like a lot of walking or a workout. 

So far walking and other normal activities have been fine, but my workouts are definitely getting harder.  I'm still more than a month away from the point where I stopped working out last time, but I don't think I'm going to make it.  As a friend of mine (in her mid-60s) reminded me today, I'm five years older this time around and my muscles have changed, so there's no guarantee I could do what I did last time.  I'm really starting to have to do a lot of substitutions during my class, because I can't do ab workouts, lay on my belly, or spend too much time on my back.  I appreciate the upper body workout and stuff like squats and lunges that I get from the first part of class, but most of the second half I spend doing different things than everyone else.  My stuff is fine, but it's getting harder to feel like I should stick around.  Cardio bores me, but I know I'm getting closer to the time where that's all I can do. 

The baby is moving a lot these days, though he definitely has specific active periods.  I've never been good at identifying body parts, but it usually feels like there's a butt or head sticking out a good chunk of the time...and most of the time it's on my right side.  Jacob hung out there, too.  I don't really enjoy when he migrates down low and pushes out right around my waistband, because that's just uncomfortable.  But the rest of the movement is pretty fun!  (Of course, just as I finished typing that, I think he turned himself to a position where he was simultaneously kicking me in the back and pushing his way out the front.  That HURT.)  The one thing he hasn't done yet is get a case of hiccups, but I assume those should be coming any day now since my most recently weekly email mentioned they might be happening now.

I haven't had to deal with leg cramps (knock on wood) like I did last time (yet), and I've never really had issues with getting kicked in the ribs.  On the other hand--and this may be too much information--I don't so much enjoy the gaseousness or constipation that comes with pregnancy.  That's pretty much a given and while it's not crazy bad in my case, it's not particularly comfortable at times.  I also have to pee a LOT, which is getting downright annoying.  I don't know if it's a product of the constipation, the baby's position, or what, but it drives me nuts at times. 

I don't mind my wardrobe too much right now, and I'm enjoying being able to utilize non-maternity tank tops and cardigan sweaters in addition to my normal maternity wear.  I love my skinny jeans, and anything that emphasizes the bump in a curvy way (as opposed to the tent method) is great.  I did have to buy a cheap tank top on clearance the other day so I had something long enough to wear to bed, since the bulk of my current PJ tops were creeping halfway up my belly most of the time.  As a whole, my belly isn't really in the way yet, but I have caught myself having more trouble getting up from the floor or even getting out of a chair.  I'm sure the phase of bumping into everything with it (doors, shopping cart handles, either side of a tight space) is just around the corner.  I did notice it butting up against my desk today, which isn't a good sign since we have a bit to go yet.  The good news is that I have a week off after Christmas so that's one less week to manage!

As a whole I'm still feeling pretty good and trying to enjoy this experience since it will most likely be the last time I do this.  It's not always easy, but I keep trying to remind myself that babies are easier to take care of inside than out!  Still, I'm looking forward to meeting him, yet I am completely content to keep him in there as long as I can for now!  We have too much to do in the next couple months to rush anything!

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