Monday, October 31, 2011


Hard to believe, but today was Jacob's fourth Halloween.  How is that even possible?  From a bee to a mouse to a fireman to Batman, here we are.  His busted lip was two years ago already!  Time certainly does fly.

Sunday Lori came over to carve pumpkins with us.  Jacob was a little disobedient so in the end it was hard to keep him around for the carving process.  He kept trying to steal the carving tool (not sharp) and stab the pumpkin, and he wasn't really into digging out the guts.  He couldn't quite grasp how to separate the seeds from the pulp, either, so ummmm...he was a little useless for the process, which was a bit of a bummer. 

Lori had the misfortune of picking up two rock-hard pumpkins (pie pumpkins, maybe?) and struggled through the carving process.  We had our two, one big and one small, and carving went well.  I even managed to carve a Batman pumpkin! 
L to R: Our big one, Batman, Lori's spider, and Lori's jack o' lantern

Lori's pumpkins...she was a trooper.  Even a real knife had a hard time with these!
Close-up of my Bat Symbol

We roasted the seeds (three large batches, all made slightly differently) and watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". Jacob really liked the pumpkin seeds! After Lori left I spent most of the evening baking up my famous pull-apart (monkey) bread for work. I do a double batch and stack them, but I have to do them the night before. I also made sure everything was ready for this morning--costumes, snacks, laundry, etc. Let me tell you, there's nothing like Halloween to make you feel like a "real" mom--having to remember a million things, get a little crafty, plan ahead, and get abnormally excited about things, among other tasks.  Last night it just never seemed to end!
This morning it took a little convincing for Jacob to wear his Batman costume.  He's been wanting to be a fireman again, for some reason (the helmet, apparently), but we convinced him Batman was cooler (add that to the list of things I never thought I'd say!).  We did manage to get him to pose with the Batman pumpkin before we left:

I was all ready with my costume as well.  Here's a full length shot that shows a little more than the shot from the party...

I ended up winning the best overall costume prize, which was cool.  Not a lot of competition in my office, though.  But it was nice to wear my grandma's old dress (now I wish more than ever that I could find a picture of her in it!) and appreciate the fact that it only cost me about 10 bucks total.  Everyone seemed to like it a lot, and over the last three years I've managed to fool everyone into thinking I'm some sort of costume genius.  I was a Deal or No Deal model two years ago, and a grocery bag last year.  I just need a little random inspiration, but without that I'm toast.

After work it was the mad rush to get home, eat dinner, get Jacob changed, bundle up and get out to trick-or-treat.  It was a bit of a struggle.  Next year I think I will rely on fast food.  We did manage to get through most of dinner before the first trick-or-treaters arrived, but then it took us a good half hour to convince Jacob to get in his warm clothes and his costume.  As it was I had to rig up his costume a bit (good thing I bought velcro to make a new Batman cape for him (work in progress), because I used it to extend his neckline around bulky warmer clothes.  Amidst his reluctance, we told him he didn't have to go, but that he'd regret it (like he does when he decides too late that he wants to do something, which happens often).  Eventually we got him out, and had the opportunity to snap a couple pictures.
Better shot of our pumpkins--I can't take credit for either design.  One was stencils that came with our carving tools, and Batman was printed from the Internet.  I guess a couple kids really liked it...and I think it looks pretty cool, too!

Ready to go...finally!
I took him out this year. Craig took him in sleet and snow last year, so I got off way easy! We walked around a little part of our neighborhood and were gone maybe a half hour. We hit up about 10 houses. They were a little spread out, as our neighborhood has a lot of dark Jacob still got a pretty good haul, including one house with a full bag of Skittles.  At one house that he knows has a lacrosse net in the yard, he asked repeatedly about shooting on it.  At another he was apparently fascinated by some fancy lights along the long stairway to the porch and kept wanting to have a dance party!  I made one good call, though--Jacob had a flashing skull clip-on toy that came in a cereal box years ago, and I clipped that to his pumpkin bucket for a little extra visibility.  It hung inside the pumpkin and lit it up when it flashed...really cool!  We came back home on our way back around, and Jacob decided that was enough for him.  I was ready to do more, but in he stayed.  I think we got less kids this year than last, despite better weather.  It's too bad our neighborhood doesn't have a little more action, though sometimes that's not a good thing for other reasons.

So, another Halloween is in the books.  Pretty good, all things considered.  Hopefully next year he'll be even more into it, and with any luck, hopefully we'll be carting around another little cutie, too.  Still working on that one, but no luck yet.  Off to get some sleep's been a busy few days!

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