Friday, October 21, 2011


Earlier this week, there was a small fire at Jacob's daycare.  It wasn't actually in the daycare, but in the boiler room of the church attached to the daycare.  The boiler overheated and started smoking, setting off the fire alarms to the whole building.  It happened in the middle of naptime, which had to be a little chaotic.  Any fire that there may have been was quickly contained, but according to the note on the door at daycare, all of the kids were out in about 30 seconds anyway.  Pretty impressive considering they were all napping. 

Ironically, I happened to call a cafe just across the street so I could order some treats for a farewell party for a co-worker whose last day was yesterday, and when I mentioned that my son's daycare was across the street (I was trying to schedule the pickup of the treats around the same time as daycare dropoff the next morning), they mentioned that there had been emergency vehicles somewhere around the church, and that a portion of the road was closed.  They didn't know what happened, and it took until the next morning when I dropped Jacob off to see the note and know what happened.

In the meantime, I had asked Jacob if he saw fire trucks that day, and he said something about police cars.  While he didn't mention the fire alarm, he did say something about his socks getting wet and being in a teacher's car because he was cold.  I totally didn't put two and two together until I heard what really happened. 

Once that connection was made, I had two different trains of thought.  One was the realization that I really need to listen closely to everything Jacob says.  Those two items of information were weird, and I just sort of glossed over them.  In the future I need to ponder the random things he says a little more and try to get to the root of them.  Jacob doesn't always make that easy, since he talks about such random stuff and often ignores questions completely.  But the whole "in a teacher's car" thing seemed odd to me, but he didn't seem thrown off by anything so I guess I ultimately wasn't either.  Still, it was a reminder to think a little more when he rattles off a bunch of randomness.

Second, I realized how relieved I was that the whole thing was pretty much a non-event.  No damage to the daycare (and minimal to the church, I'd think), and a quick, safe exit for the kids.  Jacob didn't seem the least bit phased and didn't admit to being scared by the fire alarm in the middle of his nap.  God knows that would totally freak me out!  But I guess that's good, because it probably also indicates that the teachers stayed calm, too.  Every time I hear about a tragedy at a daycare, be it a fire, shooting, or stabbing, or even a teacher getting arrested, I always wonder about how it all tortures the parents.  Most recently, with the tsunami in Japan, the tornadoes in the U.S., or the earthquakes in New Zealand, I always think about how insanely panicked I would be if something like that happened here and I couldn't find out what happened at daycare and couldn't get there immediately.  I would be overcome with fear just wondering what had happened.  Was the building intact?  Would Jacob be okay?  How guilty would I feel if something happened to him while he was there?  Unthinkable. 

Luckily, in this case I already knew he was fine before I knew anything had happened.  I'm so happy that it wasn't serious and the daycare was untouched.  I'm grateful everything went as planned with the evacuation, and I'm relieved that Jacob seems completely unaffected by it all.  As much as it seems like a non-event now, I guess it's just another reminder to be thankful for our blessings.

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