Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Time! (Well, sort of...)

Sunday was going to be a beautiful day.  It's not often you get an 80 degree day in October, but that's what we had.  Based on our schedule for the rest of the month, I was planning on going to the pumpkin patch next Saturday.  However, the weather was looking iffy--upper 50s and rainy.  There's nothing worse than hanging out on a farm when it's wet and muddy.  So, sometime on Saturday the thought crossed my mind that if we skipped church (I know...bad) we could go to the pumpkin patch before Craig had to leave for the player appearance he had to go to.  We don't skip church often, but I felt like doing it this time, to take full advantage of the beautiful weather, was worth it. 

We decided to go to Stokoe Farms, the same place we went last year, as well as the year I got pregnant.  In fact, I think the first pictures of me pregnant were taken there, but I didn't know it yet!  I knew it was probably going to be crazy busy and unfortunately we didn't get there quite as early as would have been ideal.  Still, we had a lot of fun.  The bummer was that a lot of the good stuff had long lines--the zip lines, gourd slingshots, the pedal cars, and the human hamster wheels were all super busy.  We couldn't spend time getting lost in the corn maze, either. 

The first thing we did was hop on the hayride, and we finally got a really good family picture.  Seriously, it's nothing short of a miracle.  This right here was worth the price of admission :)

Upon seeing the long lines, we headed off to a set of big slides on Billy Goat Mountain.  There are four open slides and two tube slides.  The four slides and one tube slide are really huge.  And fast.  Jacob seemed eager to do them, so up we went.  He decided we should do the open ones, but the second we got there he freaked out.  However, people were waiting and there was really no other way down, so I sat him down next to me, grabbed his hand and pushed us off.  He wasn't too happy on the way down, and as you can see in the picture, he's flopping around a bit (I'm on the left, he's sliding almost sideways next to me), but we made it down very quickly.  It was crazy fast!

Surprisingly, despite insisting he didn't like it, he wanted to go back up.  We ended up doing the big tube slide that time.  He seemed to like that one a lot more, but boy, was that one ever fast, too!

After that we checked out the goats and Jacob got to feed one.  It took a while because I think they were already stuffed!
His technique was much improved this year!
We checked out the most adorable little piglets, a couple emus, sheep, a yak, and a bunny, then headed to an area full of trikes and Little Tikes cars, among other things.  The area also has a couple sandbox-esque digging areas, and rubber duck races, but Jacob gravitated to the giant tractor in the middle.  I found it ironic since he refused to go up on it last year! 

He couldn't really reach the wheel so we moved along to this "tractor"...

We checked out some baby chicks before heading to the corn box...yep, just a BIG area full of dried corn kernels...

And I think Jacob was so proud of himself getting up on the slide that he started causing a traffic jam!  Of course, the girls at the bottom of the slide weren't doing him any favors...

Then he tried "milking a cow"...

,...saw some alpacas, and climbed a mountain with Daddy...
At the bottom of the hay mountain, I tried to get a good picture of Jacob, but he found it more fun to try to poke the camera with hay!

But I did get a smile out of him, so it was all worth it!

Time was running short so we had to skip pumpkin buying.  We grabbed one last photo op...

...And we headed out so Craig could meet a Knighthawk at a benefit for a 14-year-old kid with cancer.  That was pretty sobering, but there was a ton of support.  We headed home to watch the end of the Bills game, eat some dinner, and relax after a busy day.

I'm bummed we couldn't do our pumpkin shopping, but I'm hoping we can hit up a local garden center whose activities are all inside this weekend and make up for lost time.  And if nothing else, there's always the little farm market on the same road as Jacob's daycare.  We'll get pumpkins, I have no doubt!

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