Monday, October 26, 2009


For the past few weeks I have agonized a bit over Jacob's Halloween costume. I just wasn't moved by anything I was seeing in the stores. We pretty much figured he'd end up being a dog since that's one of his favorite things, but I hadn't gotten around to buying a costume yet. I figured that if that didn't work out, he could always be Linus. I figured he could wear a red striped shirt and carry around a blue blanket. He doesn't have to dress up for daycare (they do pajama day instead) so it was really just for a minimal amount of trick or treating, plus maybe a trip to the Amerks' Halloween game and potentially one other party. But really, he's one and I didn't expect him to be comfortable enough in any costume to wear it for a lengthy period of time no matter what.

I kept meaning to go costume shopping all last week, and various things just got in the way. Over the weekend we headed to N.T. for the annual Binkley family Oktoberfest, and my mom had pulled out a costume from our infamous Halloween box--a mouse. She made it and I wore it when I was two. And judging by the pictures, I was a darn cute little mouse. Jacob fit in the costume very well and made a pretty cute mouse himself! He wasn't too sure about the costume at first, and was hesitant to smile for pictures, but he did pretty well in it after a while. Here he is showing off his cheese :)

And then there's this picture that looks like he's being a little angel boy and forcing a smile for the camera....cute in its own way!

On Sunday afternoon we headed out to the Amerks game for their "Sweets in the Suites" night, which involves trick-or-treating through the luxury suites. I figured it might be a fun little test run and a good excuse to go to the game and wear his costume. It ended up being pretty chaotic, but Jacob did pretty well. He didn't like getting his mouse nose or whiskers (I used lip and eye pencil, for lack of anything better on short notice--they seemed less harsh than that waxy makeup, and they were a lot harder to wipe off, too!), but he settled in after a bit. He did a good job walking between suites (when he could--holding my hand, of course), and I tried to get him to take the candy and drop it into his bag. He did ok, but the chaos of all the big kids and lots of crowds made it a little extra tough. At least he kept his cool amidst the chaos. Here he is in full whisker :)

And hanging out with Daddy...
And for now I will leave you with the "tail end" of this post... :)

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