Thursday, October 27, 2011


So, Monday night I ended up taking Jacob to the doctor.  He's had a nasty cold for a good three weeks or so, and it didn't seem to be getting any better.  Runny nose all the time and lots of coughing.  Of course, I think he passed it to me somewhere along the way, but until the last couple days it hadn't been too bad.  A little sniffliness and some coughing...up until the last couple days where the congestion's been worse and the coughs almost feel productive but aren't.  It's definitely no fun for any of us.  Heck, last night I thought he was going to cough until he puked.  And given his history of nagging coughs, I figured we might as well get him checked out.  Thank goodness for insurance without a co-pay for Jacob visits.

I picked Jacob up from daycare.  It was pouring rain and we had about 25 minutes to kill, so I decided to get some gas and visit the bank ATM before looping back toward the doctor's office.  The rain was miserable but the clouds were pretty stinkin' awesome from downtown up to Greece, dark in some areas, bright sun in others.  After getting gas I swung my car around to exit the gas station, and all of a sudden, there it was--a gorgeous rainbow!  It was so bright and beautiful.  I carefully fumbled for my camera (with my mom bag I now carry it with me most of the time), and quickly snapped a picture.
Slightly obscured by a wire, but you get the idea...
By the time I could take a picture while not driving (after visiting the ATM), the color had dulled a bit but it was still beautiful.  I especially like the contrast with the clouds and trees in this one.  It was bright behind me, which highlighted those gorgeous trees even more.
It's hard to see here, but there was this radiating effect coming off the bottom of the rainbow.  If you look closely below the green-blue part, you can see a couple extra lines of pink, which are the top of additional mini-rainbows that were smaller than your average double rainbow.  It was really cool and I wish I could have captured it better!
The rainbow had faded completely by the time we got to the doctor's and got out of the car.  However, the sky was still pretty awesome looking between the setting sun and crazy clouds.  Suffice it to say it was one of the more lovely drives to the doctor we've ever had.

I'll admit I was pretty amped up about the rainbow, not just because it was beautiful, but because I honestly believe that rainbows are directly sent from God and their purpose is not far off from what it was in the Bible after the great flood.  I firmly believe there's a promise in each rainbow, and they've been well-timed at many points in my life where it was just the reassurance I needed.  Same goes for Monday, where I was still obsessing a bit over the whole milk thing and just generally frustrated with Jacob's behavior.  It definitely gave me a sense of calm. 

We ended up seeing the elder statesman of the doctors in the practice.  He's probably only my parents' age, but I think he's the oldest by quite a bit.  He looks a bit like Groucho Marx and he's definitely an energetic guy.  He checked out Jacob and gave us a prescription for antibiotics, just because his ears appeared to have some fluid and it seemed wise to be proactive.  I didn't really get a vibe of when we can expect the cold to go away, but I'm hoping the antibiotics help that too. 

After he finished up, I started to ask him his opinion of the milk experiment, and before I could even get it out of my mouth, he stopped me.  First he explained that milk is not a necessary element of our diets--that's just something doctors say to keep the dairy farmers in business.  However, he said, people like to blame food for kids' problems--dyes, etc.--but it really just takes firm parenting.  Don't hit, don't be mean, but use a firm voice, be consistent, and take away privileges.  Oy.  I mean, nothing I didn't already know, of course.  We've tried all that and it hasn't worked.  We'll keep trying it, but in the meantime it'd be nice to get a little help and a break from constant firm voices and threats.  And I am totally not normally one of those people who wants to believe all that stuff about additives and whatever...but as I said the other day, the mere fact that many people, including a real, live person I have met, saw such a marked difference in their kids makes me think there's at least some validity to it.  Do all kids need discipline?  Certainly.  Could diet impact things?  I'm pretty darn sure of it.  Might it help my kid?  Not sure.  Jury's still out but he's still been enough of a handful that I'm thinking it's a no.  I'll give it to the end of the soy milk, though.  He had a fairly good morning this morning, but our normal routine was a little off so maybe that helped...but my hopes were dashed when we found out that Jacob can't go on the field trip tomorrow because he was THAT bad today.  Ugh.  Anyway, it was a little frustrating to not even get the full question out, as I was actually more interested in his response of soy vs. almond vs. coconut milk, but it never even got to that point as his discipline lecture sort of put the kibbosh on it all.  And while I appreciate his sentiment--seriously, I do, as it was pretty much how I was brought up--but knowing that there may be some validity in it somewhere out there actually got me a little mad.  However, I like our normal doctor and the practice works for us otherwise, so I'll just let it pass and see how things go from here.

Still, despite the frustrations we have with Jacob's behavior, things could be so much worse.  The rainbow was a reminder of that, that no matter what, He's got us covered.  It won't always be easy, but we'll figure it out.

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