Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Test Drive

Last weekend we had a busy few days.  I took a half day on Friday so we could get on the road to Buffalo by mid-afternoon.  Craig had to be up in Canada for work by dinnertime, and since we had plans later in the weekend together, it only made sense to carpool.  We picked Jacob up from daycare--it was snack time and he was so ridiculously cute when we got there, getting up from his seat and running over to give us a hug--and we headed out.  Craig dropped us off at my parents', and he continued on to Canada. 

We had a relatively pleasant evening with my parents, although the low light was right as we were starting dinner and Jacob decided to play with his plate.  He dropped it, and although the plates are shatterproof, he must have hit in on a sweet spot because the thing shattered into thousands of tiny pieces.  I had a similar one break in the microwave on me a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, those shards are evil.  It was just amazing to see since we'd probably all dropped plates like that many times with no issues.  Leave it to Jacob.

Saturday my mom was off to a church retreat before we were even awake, and we spent the day with my dad.  We had a lazy morning before I went for a quick run, and then we had a quick and relatively uneventful lunch at Arby's.  Jacob almost fell asleep on the way there, and although he was antsy, he did end up eating well eventually.  Back for a nap, and a little while after he woke up, Craig swung back through to pick us up.

We headed off to Craig's parents', where we were getting dressed up for a Halloween party hosted by the school our niece and nephews attend.  Considering how bright my costume is, I was a little nervous about dressing up...partly because we didn't know anyone and partly because we weren't sure how many other parents would be dressed up.  Fortunately, it was fine, but I definitely got noticed!  Craig had originally wanted to be Robin to go with Jacob's Batman, but he couldn't find this caped t-shirt he saw in his size.  So, at the last minute he settled on Superman.  And at the last second, when faced with the dilemma of what to wear on the bottom, he ended up putting on a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt, but left the dress shirt open so he could be Clark Kent, mid-transformation.  Smart guy.
Nope, not sure what face he thought he was making, but it just makes the picture funnier.
As I mentioned, I definitely got noticed in my costume.  Hard to miss someone in a full-length bright yellow dress wearing three-inch cork platform wedges and a basket of fruit as a hat.  At least the first person who saw me knew what I was!  I'm hoping to get a better picture on Halloween at work, but here you go for now:
In case I didn't mention it before, that dress came from my grandma's house.  I noticed it on a garment rack among all of her very nice, but very "grandma" clothes.  Considering the nearly bare midriff and very bright color, I couldn't even fathom my grandma having worn something like this.  It may have been a Hawaii purchase, but even still...I was perplexed.  However, every time I went back to her house to look around, it caught my eye, and finally I tried it on.  When it fit, the wheels started turning.  Initially I was just going to be a Hawaiian tourist or something, but then the concept of the fruit hat was too hard to pass up, and voila--lots of engineering later, this is it!  All of the fruit was fake except the banana (long story), but both the moms and our nine-year-old niece and her friends thought it was pretty darn cool.  Now I can't wait to wear it to work!  Of course, I did learn that wearing a fruit basket involves excellent posture and is better suited to when I don't have to turn my head suddenly or bend down to deal with a crazy three year old.  Some of the fruit took a tumble now and then, but I think for work it'll be fine.

Jacob looked adorable as ever in his costume.  Here he is enjoying popcorn...as usual.

And this is what happened when I told him to show me his muscles...

We had a good time, though Jacob was a little thrown off by everyone being in costume.  He didn't recognize any of the family--which in some cases was understandable!  He mostly just wanted to run around, which was difficult given my high heels and fruit basket issues...and particularly when Craig got a call from his big boss and I had to manage Jacob solo for a good 15 minutes or so!  He was running around like a maniac, and I was so afraid he'd fall and rip his costume.  He did fall, and he cried hard for a couple minutes even though there was no apparent injury...and thankfully, no damage to the costume either.  Not that he was eager to get involved with any of the party activities--there were a lot of cute ones--but I was in no rush to do any of the ones that involved mess, so it was just as well. 

We had a pretty lazy Sunday, as well, before heading back to N.T. for the annual Binkley family Oktoberfest.  We had a good time, though Jacob ran Craig ragged playing sports, which was easy since there was plenty of sports equipment around.  The food was awesome and it was great to see my family.  Even though we did the strategic "put him in his pajamas and leave a little before bedtime" routine, Jacob was awake the whole way home.  He went down easy, though, thankfully.  And now we're off to another week...

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