Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Stuff

We're into the next phase of Jacob's healing. Thursday night we took off Jacob's bandage. This is what it looked like before. There's a clear plastic bandage completely covering the gauze.
Jacob did not enjoy the removal. It didn't seem quite as adhesive as your typical band-aid (or at least, not so much sticky residue), but it did hurt a bit as I eased it off. The bottm layer of gauze stuck, so we ended up with a square of white woven pieces covering it. Over the course of the next half hour or so, I picked away at it gently, trying to loosen up pieces slowly and painlessly. Finally, I got it all, and it ended up looking like this:

What you see are the steri-strips they told us about. They're basically stuck to his leg and there's a little bit of blood under there. Over the last couple days it's turned blue from his jeans, and eventually it will fall off. We'll have to treat it with neosporin (actually, polysporin) until we go to his followup appointment in another week. So far so good, though. He hasn't expressed too much discomfort, so hopefully this will be a mere blip on the radar.

Last night we headed out to the Amerks game, which ended up being a pretty fun night. It was Hall of Fame night, and two people were honored. Our longtime friend and co-worker, Don Stevens, the Amerks' broadcaster, was inducted, as well as former player Doug Houda. Houda's induction was actually a little funny, because Jacob has been afraid of him for a while. During his playing days his face could have been considered a bit haunting...a little gaunt, missing teeth, etc. He's on an old commercial that still plays on Amerks' broadcasts, and for some reason he creeps Jacob out. The mere mention of him scared Jacob, even though we kept telling him that Doug Houda was a nice guy. He did get to meet him, and even got a signed puck. It was also a bobblehead night, so Jacob had a good time. I enjoyed the night as well, since a lot of familiar faces came for the big night. It was great seeing some old co-workers and being able to stop and chat with a bunch of people for the first time in a while. Over the five years since I left, the number of people I recognize has decreased considerably. But last night there were a lot of people I knew, and the nearly full stands were more reminiscent of the old days. Almost felt like home again.

This morning I was determined to go to the zoo. Jacob had mentioned it the other day, and I thought it was a good idea since we hadn't been there in a while and had never been there in the cold. It was also the one orangutan's birthday, so I thought it might be a fun day to go. Craig had to work, so I thought it would be a good way to spend the morning. The weather was also cooperative, light flurries with temps around 30. Pleasant enough! We bundled up and headed out. It was a little hard pushing the stroller through some of the slush and snow, but the lack of people made up for it and it was a nice visit. All of the docents were out and eager to share information about the animals. The monkey cages were full of celebratory stuff like crepe paper, and Jacob got to "sign" a poster for Datu. I only took a couple pictures, but here are my two favorites--one of the sea lion, who was barking up a storm, and another of a golden lion tamarin.
Jacob was really good and seemed content to stay in his stroller most of the time. He was really afraid of the snakes this time, which was unfortunate because there was actually something interesting going on with them today. One of the big snakes (HUGE) had shed a ridiculous amount of skin, which even I found fascinating. Jacob wouldn't even look. Same with a smaller snake in another building. The polar bears were out, the sea lions were active, the otters weren't out (again), and the monkeys were fun to watch. One of the exotic birds in the open air aviary was loudly flying back and forth. There was a lot to see! He fell asleep minutes after leaving and did put up a bit of a fight later on for his real nap (always does when he gets a catnap), but overall it's been a good day. We're headed out shortly to the Knighthawks game and I'm guessing it will be an early night based on today's napping schedule. Still, it's been a good day. Craig's off tomorrow and we can't wait!

Have a nice weekend!

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