Monday, January 24, 2011


Well, he's in and we're waiting. And I'm sure this post will be interrupted by having to go back in to see him. So far it's been an ok morning. Early, for sure, though we did go to bed at a reasonable time. It was ridiculously cold this morning, probably right around zero when we left the house. A lot of the schools are closed today due to low wind chills. Jacob had a tough time waking up, but was in a good enough mood. He would have much rather stayed home and played with his hockey guys, but no such luck. We got up and out of the house by 6:50, and here by a couple minutes after our 7:15 check-in time. We got in, waited a couple minutes in the waiting room (during which I figured out the wireless--I love the URMC wireless. I'm not sure I would have survived the week after Jacob was born without it), and then were ushered back to a stall with his bed. He got some trucks, put up a major fuss getting into his gown ("My pants! "My shoes!" "I want to wear my baseball shirt!"), and then we just hung out for a while. He was very squirmy and didn't really want to hang out in the bed. He was hyper enough that they gave him some pink medicine to dope him up a bit. It made him tired and a little clumsy, and took the edge off enough that he didn't freak out when he was wheeled away. Maybe I could have used some of that. No tears, but I feel like I'm on the verge. And the longer we wait here, the more nervous I'm going to get. It's only a short procedure, after all.

Ok, and just on cue, the surgeon came out. He was fine, no surprises. We'll get to go in and see him shortly.

Anyway, he got to pick one animal to take with him, and he picked "Mommy's Moose"--my moose, Loosey Moosey (LooMoo for short), that Craig gave me when I got my wisdom teeth out. Although I was hesitant, I decided it was appropriate. After all, he was my comfort when I wasn't feeling great, and now he could be Jacob's. And a little piece of me could go into the OR with him. It was hard to see him wheeled away, and while it was good that he was doped up enough to not cry, that made it hard in another way. He helplessly watched us as he was wheeled away.

Now I'm starting to wonder why they're not calling us in to see him. It was only supposed to be a few minutes, and now it's been about 10. I'm sure it's fine, but it's just a little added nervousness to an already nerve-wracking situation. They said that the drug they gave him might make him come out of the anethesia slower, which is always scary. Sitting out here makes me wonder if it's taking considerably longer than they hoped. And more than anything, I'd hate for him to wake up without us. But here we sit.

So, it took a lot longer than we expected, but we finally got in. It's now 11:30 and we're home. He took extra long to wake up from the anesthesia, which I guess is normal with the stuff they gave him before they put him out. I guess he got really relaxed! Probably needed some extra sleep after his early morning, too :) He was fine when we went in, tired but calm. He got a little less calm once we started trying to get his coat on, and he freaked out most of the way home about one thing or another. But after another freakout once we got here, he's been fine. We put on a movie, got him some juice and a snack, and he had the couch all to himself for quite a while. Craig has joined him now, and he seems normal. His leg may still be a little numb, but he's walking okay considering he's got a gouge out of his leg. It's all bandaged up and will stay that way for another three days, and then the bandages underneath will fall off on their own. We'll treat it with Neosporin after that, and go in for a follow-up in two weeks. I'm sure we'll find out the results of the labwork then, which will hopefully show no sign of irregular cells.

Well, all is back to normal, as Jacob is now swinging his mini-bat and running up and down the living room. Seriously?! Only Jacob. Perhaps the hardest part of this is going to be keeping him from running himself ragged. And that is a fantastic problem to have.

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