Sunday, January 16, 2011

Random Stuff

1) Have I mentioned that Jacob's nickname at daycare is Ribby? There are two Jacobs in his class, and I guess he ended up with the nickname because calling him by his full name was such a tongue twister? So, the teachers and his friends routinely call him Ribby. It's a little odd but I suppose he's a little young to fit his father's nickname, which was the inspiration for the name of this blog.

2) Jacob's mole removal surgery is on January 24th. We won't know our schedule until Friday. I'm not sure if I should be hoping for an early surgery or a late one. I dread the thought of getting up at the crack of dawn, but things get much more complicated the later the surgery goes because he's not allowed to eat beforehand. The last thing I want to do is sit around waiting with a whining, hungry child. I'll be nervous enough that I'm sure my tolerance will be low. I don't know if we're going to be able to go into surgery with him or not. The instructions indicated no, but they were geared more toward adults and obviously they don't need someone in with them for minor surgery. Kids, however, get scared a lot more easily. One of my toughest moments of parenthood may have been the day Jacob had to get an x-ray to diagnose his reflux, and he had to be in the room alone. They put him in a tube that had holes for his legs at the bottom, to keep him still and positioned for the x-ray, and he just screamed for us the whole time. I'd hate to go through that again, only this time his cries will be quieted as they knock him out. Perhaps my tears will pick up where his left off. I'm nervous about everything--anesthesia, recovery, infection--though I know it should be more or less routine. And most of all, I just hope they're a bunch of harmless cells.

3) Friday night I bought Jacob his first big boy underwear. He's not nearly ready for them, but I'm hoping they might inspire him. They're mostly dark colors (necessary for this stage, I think!) with soccer balls, basketballs, and baseball mitts on the waistbands. I saw them and thought they were perfect. His friends have been doing the big boy underwear thing lately (with mixed success from what I'm hearing in passing during dropoffs), so I figured we'd at least get some and show him that he can wear them too, once he starts using the potty. He has regressed quite a bit, not wanting to use the potty too often. I think he's just too busy to bother. Perhaps I'm hoping the lure of the underwear will encourage him to show us he's ready. I know it'll still be a while since he doesn't wake up from naps or sleep dry, but small steps for now. We tried them on yesterday morning and he seemed to like them ("I'm a big boy!"), but I'm not ready for multiple pants changes. I will be, just not yet. It's definitely something I have to psych myself up for. I'm planning on doing the pull-up over underwear method, which will teach him to feel wet without the mess for me. It'll be pretty yucky if he poops, but I have no doubt we're going to go through plenty of that anyway. It looked funny seeing him in real undies, though! He kept asking for them this weekend, but I kept telling him that he had to use the potty all the time before we could do big boy underwear. Still, that only got us a couple potty uses this weekend, so there's still a disconnect somewhere. I need to get my act together and get a potty chart going for the stickers I bought a while back, and I probably should be a little more diligent about asking him if he needs to use the potty...but I also don't want to push it and have him go even farther the other way, so it's a tough balance.

4) It seems that a nine months has not made a difference in Jacob's lacrosse viewing habits. It's been nine months since his last Knighthawks' game, and he was still pretty much a space cadet at last night's game. He's still quiet at hockey games as well, but he warms up much quicker. If nothing else, he's eager to go play knee hockey with other kids in the concourse at the first intermission, so that snaps him out of his trance pretty quickly. But he was nearly silent for most of the lacrosse game. He talked about wanting to go up and see Craig, and changed the lacrosse stick he was holding a couple times, but other than that, he didn't say much. He just sat on laps (mostly mine, though he did take a couple stops on my parents' laps) and watched. He got extra scared during team introductions--he said later that it was the music--and did his super-cling that he's done before, specifically at the circus and one of the concerts I went to a few months ago. I'm sure during that game he picked up a million new moves that we'll see for weeks to come, but I'm hoping one of these days he will watch games without zoning out and learns how to cheer. Oh, and he did fall asleep during the third quarter and stayed asleep for most of the rest of the game. I don't know how, but he did.

5) Jacob has a ridiculous habit of chewing on his coat. The little corners at the top of the zippers, each with a piece of velcro, have been taking a beating. He sucks or chews on them all the time. His coat is taking a beating. I'm washing it tonight in hopes it will rebound a bit. I'm seriously considering trying to get some of the stuff you use to help kids stop sucking their thumbs and putting it on his coat so it tastes bad. I'm hoping it's not something that would ruin the coat, but at least it's black so I have a shot. Something to think about. In the meantime, the habit is making me nuts. Almost as nuts as his recent whining spells, but not quite :)

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