Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Rewind, Part 3

As I mentioned, even though we returned to Rochester on Tuesday night, it was not the end of our visit with John, Kristin, and Kate. They hopped in the car on Wednesday morning to come visit us and see the house. It made leaving on Tuesday so much easier! They arrived around lunch time and Jacob and I met them for lunch at a Rochester staple, Bill Gray's. Craig was working again, unfortunately. After lunch we headed back to the house and the kids went down for naps. It went a lot more smoothly than I anticipated, and it gave the adults some time to relax and chat. While the kids were sleeping, we got a visit from my Aunt Lynne, and later from Lori. The kids got in a good couple hours, and by the time they woke up, it was time for more company. My parents' friends, the Dohertys, arrived. You may remember them as the grandparents of Colin, Jacob's buddy who's a couple months younger and lives down near Philadelphia. We've had a good number of visits over the past couple years when they've been in town, the most recent back in April or so. It was quite a full house, which made me even more grateful for our gigantic living room. It's such a nice change of pace from our old one which filled up in about two seconds! While the adults chatted and watched, the kids had a little more time to enjoy one another. And thankfully, Jacob continued to share well. I was worried now that we'd be on "his turf" with all of his toys, but he did great. Here's Kate enjoying Jacob's Elmo phone, a Christmas gift from last year.
After all the company left we enjoyed a dinner of pizza, and then it was time to go. We tried to get some pictures of the kids together, and this is about as good as it got...

All in all, it was a great few days together, and I was sorry to see them end. After all, it may be a long time before we're all together again. I do hope we can find the time/money/courage to hop on a plane later this year (maybe in the fall?) to head out to Portland for a bit. I think it would be great to break up the period between now and their next trip east with a trip for us out west. We haven't been to Portland since 2006, and I'd love to go back, particularly now after seeing the kids together and getting to enjoy Kate in person now that she's, well, more of a person! The interactions were priceless and I hope they continue for any visits in the future.

On Thursday I made the tough decision to send Jacob to daycare. Originally we had been planning on doing that one day during the week so Craig and I could have a "date day", but Craig ended up having to work most of the week so that plan was out. However, the more I thought about it, the longer my to do list became. I decided that it would be best for all of us if he went to daycare and I could do the crazy running around that I needed to do. I figured that it would be a more fun day for Jacob to be able to play and see his friends, rather than being stuck in a stroller, shopping cart, or car seat all day. I also hoped it would make the transition on Monday a little easier, since he wouldn't have been totally removed from daycare for the entire holiday. We'll see how that goes tomorrow. I ended up being out and about for four hours or so. I stopped at Target (to buy a toy shelf), Babies 'R' Us (to look for a taller bathroom stool), Best Buy (to check their netbooks), the entire mall (with a number of stops in there, including one return, underwear shopping, and some bargain hunting), then DSW (I need new sneakers), Home Depot (a return, lightbulb recycling and a new furnace filter), Christmas Tree Shop (general post-Christmas curiosity), and Buy Buy Baby (the stool again). Even though I didn't buy a lot (just the stuff I needed, pretty much!), it felt like a very productive day. I also worked on getting our fall pictures sorted and printed. It was a great day, and I won't lie--it was nice to not have to worry about dragging Jacob through all those stops, getting him in and out of the car seat, or trying his patience if I spent a little extra time browsing. I also didn't have to worry about his nap. Sometimes, you just need a day like that.

Friday we had a pleasantly lazy day. We went out for Pizza Hut buffet for lunch (our weekday off staple), and had a lazy afternoon before I had to head out to the grocery store and restock our kitchen and buy things for various parties. We went to our friends' house for New Year's Eve for a kid-friendly party, and Jacob kept himself occupied playing with the other kids. Before we knew it it was later than we had planned on being there, and I desperately wanted to get Jacob home and in bed. He fell asleep in the car around 11:30 (ugh) and we made it home just in time for the countdown. We went to bed shortly thereafter, but I had a hard time sleeping as I wasn't feeling well. All week I had been incredibly nervous that we'd have a repeat of last year's new year's, where Jacob spent the day puking, so that made me extra nervous when I wasn't feeling well. I still think it was just the massive amount of food I ate at the party, rather than an illness. Dinner ended up being way later than anticipated, so it was tough to stay away from the snacks in the meantime. I think it just didn't settle quite right. Jacob woke up around 4am and showed no signs of going back to sleep, so we had little choice but to bring him in bed with us. However, that didn't help matters and I was feeling even worse by then, so I ended up sleeping in the guest room for the rest of the night. Jacob was up for at least two hours, and I'm not sure I went back to sleep until sometime in the morning, maybe around 7am. Craig had to work and I was originally planning to go to Buffalo for the day for a family party, but considering my lack of sleep and temperamental digestive system, I decided to stay home. I did take a few minutes to whip up the food I was planning on taking (no sense letting it rot here) so Aunt Lynne and Lori could take it, and later in the morning we got on the webcam to say good-bye to John, Kristin and Kate. I was hoping to get there before they left for the airport so we'd have a little more time, but no dice. Bummer.

Despite not feeling great, it wasn't a bad day. Jacob and I both took a long nap, and he spent a lot of time snuggling with me on the couch watching hockey. First a replay of the Winter Classic in Buffalo (which I explained to Jacob happened while he was still in my belly), then the Buffalo Sabres' Hall of Fame inductions, including the honoring of one of my old faves Alexander Mogilny (which I explained to Jacob made me feel old), and then this year's Winter Classic in Pittsburgh. The snuggles were great and it was nice to just have a pleasantly lazy day.

So that brings us to today. Craig's working (again) and it's been a usual Sunday. We got up for church and had our normal church difficulties. We did try sitting in church today, close to the musicians, since he seemed to like that on Christmas Eve. I warned Jacob that if he talked we'd have to leave, and shortly after the sermon started, he wouldn't shut up and we had to go to the other room. He was pretty upset, but I'm hoping he learned a lesson and will remember that if he wants to stay there, he has to keep quiet. Someday. Then we came home to play, eat lunch, and go down for nap. Jacob's been down for a little over an hour, and after he wakes up we'll start working our way toward tonight's Amerks' game. And then tomorrow our world goes back to, daycare, and no days off in sight. Boo. Still, I can't complain. We crammed an awful lot into the last 10 days or so. Next weekend marks Craig's first roadtrip of the lacrosse season, so we'll probably head to Buffalo for a bit to break up the time. I'm still trying to process that it's a new year, so I'm sure I'll have many thoughts to sort through here as the new year gets rolling. Stay tuned...

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