Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Baby Musings

Over the holidays, I found out that two friends of mine who were pregnant at the same time I was are expecting again. I am beyond happy for them, of course, though ever so slightly bummed about the fact that I wanted to be pregnant right now and could have once again been pregnant with them and had TWO kids the same age as them. Of course, neither of them live here, nor do we see them a lot. But still, it would have been nice. There's also at least one of my Facebook friends that falls into this category as well. And I also know a handful of other pregnant women. It would have been fun to do the ride with them, but I guess I'll just have to hope someone wants to get pregnant later this year and do it with me, whenever it happens. Just won't be any of these women, I suppose! As I've mentioned previously, I'm actually pretty much at peace about the whole thing--though these revelations certainly tested that a bit--and I've still come to the conclusion that it's a good thing we're not heading toward an imminent baby #2 right now. There's plenty to keep us busy in the meantime. Part of me puts myself in their shoes, thinking about being pregnant, doing the planning, dealing with the physical stuff, and whatever else, all while running after a very active two year old. Oy. In the next year and a half or so, prior to the arrival of proposed baby #2, I would like to replace the carpeting in two bedrooms, take down the border in one bedroom, get Jacob potty trained, transition him to a big boy bed, and potentially paint one bedroom depending on the gender of baby #2. That is plenty to do, and that's just the big stuff. I do like the thought of Jacob being a little older and more aware of things (and more able to help!) by the time a sibling would arrive. We'll also need the time to work on getting him on board with the whole idea. Everytime we bring up a sibling, Jacob says he doesn't want one. Super. I guess the kid knows he has it good. I always worry about how things will go with two kids, when I often don't feel like I have enough to offer one. How do you divide time and attention? I was happy to read on another blog today about a mom who was worried about adding a third baby, and even though that third baby has been very, very sick, she still feels like adding children to their family has enhanced the loving environment for the existing children. I hope that's the case with us someday as well.

One other thing I wanted to do before baby #2 was take Jacob on a halfway decent vacation. Originally we were thinking something along the Disney lines, but after the time with John, Kristin, & Kate, I think Disney can wait and a trip to Portland might be fun. We can obviously add other destinations out that way as well, but I think it would be great to get the kids together again before they forget each other. It would also solve the issue that was lingering in the back of my mind--What happens if we don't go to Disney until I'm already pregnant? I can't go through another pregnant trip there...not only because it's very disappointing, but it's also sort of a waste. What's the point of going there and not riding the rides I really want to go on--again? The last time was fine, as we had no way of knowing that would be the case when we booked it. It also served as a lovely last hurrah. But to purposefully do it again? No way. So, flying to Portland seems like a much better option at this point, and we'll figure out Disney later. But it's a long year and so much can happen, so I'm trying not to plan too far ahead. Perhaps I'll just keep hoping that our office shot at the Mega Millions jackpot pans out and we can do both. Ha! In the meantime I'll just enjoy watching from afar as my fellow mommy friends go through it all again, and hopefully benefit from their experience of wrangling two at a time once it's my turn. See, the benefits are endless!

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