Monday, January 31, 2011

Losing It

I had an entirely different post ready to go earlier today, but the events that took place at the end of the day today pre-empted that. It's been a rough few hours. This morning when I took Jacob into daycare, they expressed concern that a cold sore he'd had since last week looked considerably worse and crusty today, enough so that they thought he had impetigo. They called and reiterated their concern this afternoon, and I finally called the doctor and got an appointment. Of course, he'd just been there last Thursday, when Craig took him in to get a quick check. There was strep running through his class, and between his healing leg, the cold sore, and some other circumstantial evidence (like being quiet during the day), we figured it was worth a check. Well, I guess they didn't see anything amiss, because they didn't even do a strep test. Today we went in, and I suffered through a rough start to our wait (Jacob was in a hitting mood), a half hour in the very busy waiting room, and a return to his nastiness when we finally got in to see the doc. She didn't think the cold sore was impetigo, though she did decide to do a strep test, just in case. When she came back in the room, she said it was negative. As we chatted a bit about the cold sore, she looked down at the vial in her hand, and said, "Oh, look at's positive!" It literally turned while she was standing there. So Jacob has strep. It only took about three tries, maybe four...and this time that wasn't even why we went there!

I guess I'll mention here that Craig came home early today after getting a sore throat last night. He's feeling horrible, and then later this afternoon I noticed that I had a headache and just started feeling a little foggy. I had a vague discomfort in my throat, but I couldn't figure out if it was a true sore throat or if it was just a cut or sore in my mouth making things uncomfortable. I'm still not sure...but I'm concerned that Tylenol isn't really putting a dent in the headache. We'll see how I feel by tomorrow. Craig is probably going to stay home again with Jacob tomorrow for his first day on antibiotics, but this whole week could be a lost cause. Between Jacob's health, Craig's health, my health, and the snowstorm that's predicted for tomorrow into Wednesday, it could be a rough one work-wise.

So, by the time we were done at the doctor, it was shortly before 7pm. My headache was bothering me, I had to pee, Jacob was being awful again, it was way past dinner time, and we still had to survive a trip to Wegmans to get his antibiotics. UGH. I had a few things to get while we waited, and as we shopped it seemed to me that Jacob was getting tired. I asked him if he was tired, and he said no, and literally 15 seconds later his eyes were drooping and his head was bobbing. He rested his head on his arm on the cart handle and slept through the last 15 minutes in the store. Thank God. We both needed that. But as I was standing in one of the many long lines waiting to check out, I nearly lost it. I was so uncomfortable, so tired, so frustrated, and the long line was just one more barrier to just getting home. And I still had to figure out dinner. It was one of those moments that, back in the days before I was a mom, I might have just shut down and wanted to cry. But as a parent, you learn that doing stuff like that just won't get you anywhere. You have to be the strong one and push through, because if you don't, nothing will get done and everything will fall apart. It was such a frustrating moment. I hate those moments.

But I pushed through, got home, figured out dinner, and got Jacob into bed. I'm still not feeling great and it could be a rough few days around here, but hopefully I'll find a way to push through once again, and we'll be back to normal soon. Wish us luck...

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