Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mid-Weekend Update (aka Loving my Netbook!)

Another week is over. It was a tiring week, for no apparent reason. I fell asleep before 10pm on Wednesday, worked out a couple evenings, and...yeah, not too much to report. Jacob seemed to have a pretty good week at daycare, and even got to stay home with Craig on Wednesday for a Daddy-Jacob day. I think Craig is going through Jacob withdrawl now that he's working pretty much all weekend every weekend. Hard to believe it's going to be that way until the end of April. Ugh. This weekend he's in Boston so Jacob and I finally took our long awaited trip to my parents' house. As you may recall, we were going to come in on New Year's Day, but I wasn't feeling well. The next weekend Jacob had a fever, and then last weekend we just decided to stay home and go to the Knighthawks's home opener. My parents came to visit us for that, which was great. But with so many weekends with just the two of us, it's nice to get a change of scenery, have some different eating options (I get in ruts because Jacob will only eat so many things--he's more adventurous in other settings), and have the option to have someone else hang out with Jacob for a bit. I also feel like I'm less likely to spend my day running around the house being busy, so I can enjoy Jacob a little more...and if I could put down my computer, probably play with him a little more. Once I get my creative juices satisfied with a post like this, it will be much easier. :)

I did want to share a couple pictures from last weekend. Here's Jacob being a goalie, and it's appropriate considering the shirt he's wearing. It is a souvenir from Craig's last road trip, a Minnesota Wild shirt with a goalie body. When Jacob saw it, he said, "He doesn't have a head!"

After that, he started running around in my new sneakers. And here I thought only girls did that with their mom's shoes. He was pretty clumsy in those big shoes, but it was funny.
And you can see in the back our new toy shelf. The corner is still messy, but at least it looks like we're making an attempt. We really need to just cut down or move stuff to different places in the house. I like it, though. I like having a place where Jacob's sports ball collection can go every night.

Monday is Jacob's mole removal. It's going to be an early morning and I'm getting more nervous by the minute, but I suppose that's enough angst for another blog post. Have a nice weekend in the meantime...

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