Friday, June 25, 2010

Photo (and Video) Friday and other stuff...

Just wanted to share a couple pictures and other news and notes today...

Here are a couple shots from the really bad weekend a couple weeks ago...these were among the only batch of pictures I took that weekend, because everything else was so uninteresting. At least they're cute ones!

And here's a video courtesy of my dad, who happened to get video of one of Jacob's great hits while we were playing baseball in the yard last weekend. I have no idea if it's remarkable that a two-year-old can hit a baseball, but I'd have to think he's ahead of the game at least a bit. He got a baseball tee from us for his birthday, so I can only see him getting better :)

Let's see...what else is new? Jacob is talking up a storm these days, more and more every day it seems. He's really into colors and using them as shirt, brown door, red bat. The other day when I picked him up at daycare, he proceeded to point at all of the news and notes tacked on the bulletin board, backed by colored construction paper, and tell me the color of each one. And he was right! He's also noticing differences between "big" and "little" things. Last night we read a book, "Moo, Baa, La La La", a book we got when Jacob was born. It's pretty simple so I always figured it would be among the first he would read to me, but he's already getting to the point where he knows a lot of the words. It's so cute and I love seeing him learn. He's also getting there with the alphabet--not really recognizing letters yet (though one of his teachers taught him "Y"), but his singing of the song is getting clearer. He can count from one to ten (and he's forgetting "four" a lot less), and it took some doing, but I think we've finally taught him to respond with "Two!" if anyone asks his age. He appears to be soaking things up like a sponge right now...everything except the rules, of course.

I've been feeling a little guilty lately because I simply haven't been around as much. There were a few nights in the past couple weeks where I had Craig put Jacob to bed because I had to go out and run some errands, and one morning where I had him take him into daycare because I forgot something on one of those errands and had to run out and get it the next morning before work. Monday night Craig and I both went out for a fundraiser event for a friend and former co-worker of ours (also a former Amerk player) who's been diagnosed with stomach cancer. The prognosis isn't good, but he's fighting it like crazy. He's only in his early 40s and has four kids ranging in age from about 13 to nine months. Yeah, horrible beyond words. I can't even fathom what they're going through. Anyway, it was a great night out with celebrity bartenders from around the local hockey world--including NHLers Brian Gionta and Ryan Callahan, both Rochester guys, and Andrew Peters, Nathan Paetsch, Patrick Kaleta, who all played in the NHL last year. Rob Ray made an appearance, as did current Amerk Rory Fitzpatrick, Mr. Amerk Jody Gage, and former Amerks' head coach Randy Cunneyworth. It was pretty awesome to see. And definitely worth an evening away. Lori came to watch Jacob, and he did fuss a bit when I left, but apparently he eventually got over it. Still, on top of everything else, I felt a little guilty for being gone again. But, I suppose it's good for both of us in the long run...he can learn to deal with adversity, and I get a little refreshing break.

Then came Wednesday. I had marked that day on my calendar a couple weeks ago, because I was browsing the IKEA website drooling over some furniture when I noticed that the Burlington location, the one closest to Rochester, was offering up the exact piece of furniture I wanted for $130 less than its usual price for that ONE day. It was on their events calendar for that location only, and I was determined to find a way to get it. The piece is a tall bookshelf with a cabinet on the bottom that matches our dining room buffet (not to mention our bedroom dressers, in case we ever move again and need that flexibility). It's purpose is going to be to hold our photo albums in the cabinet and assorted knicknacks on its shelves. It's regularly $229 in Canada ($149 in the US), but it was on sale for only $99. The challenge is that the sale was only on Wednesday and that it was a ridiculously long box--over 78 inches long. But it was only about two feet wide and less than four inches thick, so as long as I could make the length work, I'd be fine. At first I wasn't sure if my car could do it, but at the 11th hour I figured out that it would fit if I moved the seat forward. There was also the issue of getting there early to make sure I could get it after traveling all that way. After soliciting Facebook for potential travel companions, my dad graciously offered to help...and drive his slightly bigger car, just to be safe. So, after Jacob was in bed on Tuesday night, I headed to Buffalo. We left at 8:15 the next morning and made a stop at the Chapters book store in St. Catharines so I could pick up four more Brady Brady books. Jacob loves them since they're all about hockey, and since we got our initial set they've come out with a few more. I know we will appreciate having more variety to choose from! And even better, it was buy three, get one free. Score! We got to IKEA in time, found out that they'd changed the promotion, but still got them to give us the bookshelf for the advertised price. Whew. We loaded it in the car, did a little more shopping, and headed back. We spent a nice afternoon together, experienced a random earthquake (!), and I headed back to Rochester in time to get the bookshelf unloaded, put Jacob's car seat back in the car, and pick him up from daycare. He seemed to survive unscathed, though Craig did tell me that Jacob woke up at 3:30am when I was gone. He was complaining of foot pain, so who knows what was up with that. His shoes may be too small, but it's hard to tell. Anyway, Craig brought him into our room to sleep for a bit, and when Jacob got there, he said, "No mama?" Awwwww. It's nice to be missed.

I guess the only other thing to report is that Jacob had his two-year well visit today. Everything went well and the doctor is very pleased with his progress. He's over 28 pounds and 34 inches tall, right on his same curve in the middle of the pack. His BMI (yep, they do it for two-year-olds) is right on target. He must be eating somewhere! The only other thing of note is that the doctor suggested taking him to a dermatologist for a mole he has on his leg. It started out as a speck sometime in the winter and it's gradually gotten bigger. Whether that's the mole itself or because Jacob is growing, too, I'm not sure. It's still small, but pretty dark in color and slightly raised, so she felt it was worth getting checked out. It's probably nothing, but you never know. If anything, I'd rather have it removed now if it looks troublesome, before it's grown a ton and is harder to take off. So, another appointment to make. Of course, I forgot to ask one of the few questions I had, about whether or not she was comfortable with him switching to 2% milk. Since his growth seems to be fine I'm sure it is, but you always like to hear it to be safe. I guess when the mood stikes I'll buy some 2% and leave it at that :)

We have a fun weekend in store, so hopefully I'll have a few pictures to share soon! Have a great one!

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