Wednesday, June 2, 2010

News and Notes

Just wanted to do a quick overview of some of the stuff we've been dealing with lately...

- Jacob is officially obsessed with his first annoying kid-targeted video. We got a hand-me-down video from Jacob's cousins, this "Elmocize" video featuring Elmo as an exercise camp leader. There's basically a TV reporter that's reporting on the camp (he's a Muppet too, along the lines of Guy Smiley) and gets sucked into the world of exercise. There's a handful of Elmo segments with a few Sesame Street-ish animated segments in between. There are also a handful of catchy and overly perky songs that have serious superpowers for getting in your head and staying there. And Jacob LOVES it. He asks for it all the time. And much to my dismay, DVR'ed episodes of Sesame Street are not a worthy replacement. So instead we usually have to put the tape in for a least a few minutes most days upon request. I'll admit it's cute watching Jacob dance along to some parts, like tonight when he followed along with almost an entire segment, touching his toes and doing what the animation on the screen was. We were pretty impressed. It makes me crazy that the songs are so stuck in my head. Ugh. And honestly, every time I see the parts with the real-life kids, who are all now at least college age, all I can think is, "How embarrassing would this footage be for them to see now?"

- Jacob is really starting to spew words. Whether he's putting words together into phrases or is repeating things that we say, he's really getting good. It's still hard to tell how much he's understanding, because on one hand he seems to understand a lot, but on another hand he's like talking to a brick wall. You can practically have a full conversation with him, but then five minutes later you're repeating the same thing to him 20 times because he just doesn't seem to be absorbing whatever it is that you're saying, whether it's yet another reminder not to throw balls in the house or telling Jacob for the thousandth time that we can't go to a hockey game because the Amerks season is over. But I find it astonishing (and really cute) how much he can repeat back after hearing it one time. All of the baby books and emails I get talk about the language explosion between 18 and 24 months, and boy were they right. Last night it sounded like Jacob was practicing talking in bed. It's still not all clear, but he's really got a lot to say about a lot of things. We still have trouble getting him to use words when he's upset, which still makes it hard to fully communicate with him. And like I mentioned earlier, he doesn't always seem to listen to what we're telling him, which makes things even more difficult. But it's nice to know we're on our way to having meaningful conversations with him at some point down the road. It's a far cry from always wondering what the heck is going through your little baby's head when they're not communicating at all!

- Jacob likes to snack. He's not a big fan of meals, but the second he gets a chance, he's running to the snack cabinet in the kitchen to pull out a bag of pretzels or the giant carton of goldfish. Or worse, he goes into another cabinet looking for "beans", his term for M&Ms or any other candy coated chocolate. He somehow learned that a stash of Sixlets (like spherical M&Ms--one of my old Halloween favorites) from a post-Easter clearance sale lived in one cabinet, and he's been trying to get to them ever since. They have now moved. It's pretty annoying at dinner time, especially because he gets an afternoon snack at daycare every day so I know he can't be that hungry...and even if we manage to get him through without snacking, the chances of him eating his dinner are sketchy. He also keeps asking for juice these days, which he gets usually once a day at daycare, but I'm trying to steer him away from that. Not that he's a fat kid, by any means, but water is preferred in between meals.

- Jacob LOVES fruit. He did last summer too, but he's really enjoying it a lot this year as well. Berries of all kinds, in particular. He also loves smoothies. Last year for my birthday, Craig bought me one of those Magic Bullet blender sets because I had mentioned that they were tempting. However, at at least $50, I didn't feel that my use of it would be worth the price tag, so I returned it promising that if I ever saw a good sale I would go buy one to replace it. Well, a couple months ago I saw a great sale for the JCPenney version of it. Really cheap, assuming I ever get my rebate back. Even still, it was cheaper than the real one. And I love that thing. It's just so much quicker and easier than the big blender. Saturday morning Jacob was saying no to every breakfast option I presented him...until I mentioned a smoothie! Then he readily said yes! I just put a few strawberries, some frozen banana (great way to use ripe bananas that won't get eaten), a little low fat vanilla yogurt, some milk, and some ice into the cup, blend it up, and we can split it. It's really good and Jacob drinks it right up. It's a lifesaver. And when he doesn't eat his dinner very well I try to supplement with fruit whenever possible. At least I know he's getting something.

- He still talks about sports non-stop. Hockey, lacrosse (usually in the form of the Knighthawks), baseball, basketball, soccer, name it. And I finally have started to put my foot down about him playing them in the house. His throws are getting harder and he's now got some bigger equipment (kid-size lacrosse sticks, for example) that could do some damage with the right ball and some good (bad) aim. I just don't want to risk broken lamps or knicknacks or any of that, so I'm trying to relegate that to an outdoor activity...and this is a good time of year to do it. Of course, Craig wants to encourage the sports thing, and it IS all Jacob wants to do most of the time, so I'm sort of fighting a losing battle at times.

- Not much to report on the potty front. Still no real successes. He wants to sit on it once in a while, but no luck. However, at the risk of brutally embarrassing him 15 years from now, here's a really cute picture of him giving it a shot. At least no important body parts are showing :)

I know there was something else I wanted to mention, but I guess it will have to wait for now since I can't remember it. Hope you're enjoying your short work week!

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Mommy Trouble said...

OMGosh! That is the cutest picture ever! Perfect for one of those "Mommy Mags" -Headliner- Potty Training Tips!

As for the Elmocise - that cute in an annoyingly strange way. I completely feel you though. I have an 11 and 7 yr old whom memorize EVERYTHING. All it takes is one listen to a movie they really like (even if they have never seen it before) and we will be listening to random "Hilarious" scenes for atleast the next 2 weeks. I envy the spongyness of the brain. I am lucky to remember a few key phrases in the movie when its over.

Throw on some Abbot and Costello and perhaps he can tell you who's on First. :)