Monday, June 7, 2010


We had a tough decision to make leading up to this past we go to Toronto for a couple days, or stay home and relax? The Toronto trip idea was spawned by a lacrosse game (one featuring the Toronto Nationals, who used to be the Rochester Rattlers, as well as the Chicago Machine, which is actually a nomadic franchise this season, one that people are hoping lands permanently in Rochester next year) and some potentially useful trips to the Hockey Hall of Fame and IKEA. Craig wants to buy a bunch of those little hockey player keychains that Jacob plays with to use as future potty training bribes, and the HHOF has a ton of them. I want to go to IKEA to look at a few pieces of furniture for our house--namely a kitchen dinette and a bookshelf/cabinet. I'd even found (but not booked) a reasonably priced room at a Holiday Inn Express with free parking and breakfast. However, at the 11th hour on Friday we decided not to do it. Between my nasty cold, the thought of packing and driving to Buffalo after work, and just a long weekend in general, we decided to stay home. We figured we could to go a baseball game, maybe hit up a drive-in, and just enjoy the time at home. In the end, we only did the baseball game and tacked on a trip to Fairport Canal Days (a quaint festival across town), but it was a pleasant weekend, I guess.

We started out at the baseball game. We hadn't been to a Rochester Red Wings game since last summer, when we went to a couple, and since we can generally go for free one way or another, it's an easy night out. It was a pleasant but cool evening and we had great seats. One of the big motivators to go was that it was glove night, where the first 1,500 kids got a baseball glove. Yeah, it was just a vinyl one with sponsor logos all over it, but it's good enough for Jacob and potentially saves us a birthday present to buy ;-) He's obsessed with Craig's gloves and while this one is a little smaller, at least it's closer to fitting! Despite having gotten a glove, though, Jacob was distracted by the little girl with a pink one sitting behind us, which is what he's pointing to in the picture below. Hmmm. Don't think that will fly out on the field...
Jacob wasn't quite as entranced by baseball as he is with hockey and lacrosse, so after a few innings and some dinner (Jacob ate a hot dog, minus the bun, and lots of pretzels) we did some walking around. Here are the boys with the Red Wings-sponsored bird from an Animals on Parade thing they did here a few years back.

And here they are with a horse from the Rochester "Horses on Parade" from even longer ago. This one's made from old baseball mitts.

Eventually we headed down to the ice cream stand for dessert. Craig and Jacob shared a vanilla cone with chocolate sprinkles. Jacob is now obsessed with sprinkles after the cone he shared with me last weekend. It was getting late and Jacob was already a little past-bedtime punchy. The ice cream put Jacob into a bit of a sugar high, as well, so he was running around like a maniac in the middle of his ice cream licks. You can't see it here, but he's got ice cream all over his mouth. But the pose--mid-swing and running--sums up what he was doing for a good 15 minutes solid.

Here he is being lured by the remaining cone...

He fell asleep on the way home and didn't even wake up once we got there and changed him into his PJs. A good night as a whole.
On Saturday afternoon after Jacob's first nap (yeah, on weekends he usually takes idea why. Must be the way our schedule goes. He poops out around 11am no matter when he wakes up, sleeps for an hour to an hour and a half, and then goes like crazy again until about 4 or so, when he takes another medium length nap. It's odd.), we decided to head out. First we stopped at Friendly's for free ice cream. Once in a while they have a day where everyone can get a free one-scoop cone. My favorite one was when I was pregnant and I treated myself to a full-fat Vienna Mocha Chunk cone without guilt. Fantastic. After that we headed out to Fairport Canal Days. It's a weekend fesitval in one of the more quaint towns outside Rochester. The fesitval goes up and down their Main St., across the Erie Canal, and spills over into a couple large parking lots. There's lots of food, a bunch of crafters, and some local vendors, as well. It's a pleasant walk, if nothing else. The weather was nice and we had a good time, but by the end Jacob was beat and ended up on Daddy's shoulders again (recurring theme of the weekend, if you hadn't noticed). This was the sight on the way back to the car...and as you can imagine, it was followed by a nap.

Sunday was a pretty low key day. We went to church, came home, Jacob napped for over two hours, had a late lunch, did a little running around (during which the weather finally turned from 60, rainy & windy to 70 and pleasant), and came home for a dinner of homemade chicken pot pie...which Jacob didn't each much of but which tasted pretty good! Other than that we had a little outside time--Jacob and Craig played with his basketball hoop and I gave 1/3 of our evergreens a haircut--and a couple tantrum battles in between.

It wasn't some amazingly fantastic exciting weekend, but it was a good quality weekend at home. We have a busy month ahead of us so I guess we figured we'd enjoy it while we could. We're still trying to figure out Jacob's birthday party, by the way. Our first two choices of dates were scooped up by other family events, and we're just not sure what to do now. Do a 4th of July weekend party for both families at our house? Do separate parties in Buffalo for each side of the family whenever we can schedule them? Go up against one of the other parties and just deal? No idea. I guess it was bad planning, procrastination, and bad assumptions on our part, coupled with some bad luck and busy schedules that were out of our control. I will never again assume that the weekend of Jacob's birthday will be avoided by all others for their own parties. Lesson learned. We'll definitely have cake and gifts on his actual birthday, so I know he won't miss out on the birthday experience, but we probably should have a real party just because it seems wrong not to. We want to see family, show off the house, and give Jacob the celebration he deserves. It just may not be in close proximity to his real birthday. Oh, to live close to family and be able to pick a random evening, even on a weekday...arg. And yes, we do still have to work around our nephew's allergies in planning for the party, so I really must get on the ball and start planning menus and a cake theme now. Way too much to think about!

And on that note, I'm off to go stress...

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