Tuesday, June 15, 2010

General Updates

Since I got all of my complaining out of my system yesterday, I guess I can try to focus on some other things today. And before I go any further, I apologize if I sounded like a cruel, harsh parent in yesterday's post. Sunday's events seriously made me crazy, and I literally couldn't spend any more time with Jacob...for the good of both of us. I was so fed up with his behavior and couldn't even look at things objectively anymore, so every little thing he did just made things exponentially worse. But I did say, too, obviously you don't stop loving your child even at moments like that. And probably admitting you need a break is better than what some parents do, which is explode and take it out on their kids. If I would have been alone in that scenario, I probably would have left Jacob in his crib for the rest of the day, or at least until I chilled out. I actually did do that for about 15 minutes during one freak-out when it was obvious that he needed to calm down and I was tired of yelling and dealing with a kicking, screaming child. But fortunately, that evening I did have Craig, and even more fortunately, Jacob fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep, which meant we didn't have to do our bedtime routine. It was a relief, to say the least. I know that he's two (or almost, anyway) and he's going to have those moments. Sunday was an extreme example, for sure. I can't expect perfection. But I can still hope for some logic to creep in at some point.

So...that said....in other news...

Yesterday's post was #450 in the life of this blog. That's pretty crazy. I've been at it for almost 2-1/2 years now. Some people ask me if I'm ever going to do anything with the blog to keep it for posterity. I'm honestly not sure how I would go about that, particularly now that it's so big. I'd love to go to Kinko's and say, "Can you open up this webpage, click on every month, and print each one in color?" I doubt that would go over well, and it could end up pretty darn expensive. Hopefully it will be here forever, but it would be nice to have a printed copy somewhere, just in case the internet blows up or Blogspot goes away. It happened to my beloved webpage, so if Geocities can go away, I suppose this can too someday. Or maybe someday I'll have a decent printer and just commit one toner cartridge to doing it myself. Or maybe I can pay off my office and do it here based on our cost per page. Hmmm. In any event, it's an interesting version of a baby book, and over the long term, a form of a family history.

Jacob is getting his two-year molars. Thus far there have been no major side effects beyond a lot of hand chewing. Jacob either seems to have a lot of buildup to the teething process, or he's a compulsive hand chewer. I think he started drooling and knawing on his fingers (not sucking, mind you, just chewing) very early on, but didn't get teeth until about he was eight months old. His last batch of teeth came in quite a while ago, but he's been chewing on his hands a lot for the last few months even though there was no sign of the two-year molars. Since he's been doing it so much for so long, it hardly occurred to me (despite his rapidly approaching birthday) that they could be coming in since we've been sleeping blissfully. Usually teething has been accompanied by a few horrific weeks of sleeping (or lack thereof), so I fully expected to be back in sleep deprivation mode the second those teeth started breaking through. Jacob almost never lets me look in his mouth anyway, even when I'm brushing his teeth (I must say, "Open your mouth" about 20 times in less than two minutes), so I'd hardly ever get a good chance to see anyway. But the other night I happened to get a brief view, and caught a glimpse of something. Jacob was (finally) accomodating enough to let me stick my fingers in his mouth (ahhh, motherhood), and sure enough, one bottom molar had definitely poked through and the other was right there. I'm pretty sure that one's in now too. I still don't see anything up top. At the risk of jinxing myself, I must say that I am utterly relieved that we've made it this far without nighttime misery. It's like a miracle, particularly since I've heard these are often nightmarish teeth to come in. I'd imagine terrible twos and teething combine into a pretty nasty monster. Maybe general discomfort has been part of Jacob's tantrums...who knows? He has been having some cold sensitivity issues with some foods, but I can't tell if it's just a mental thing for him or if the cold causes him physical discomfort. Normally teething rings are cold and feel good during teething, but maybe there's something else at work here.

Jacob is really becoming an old pro at this talking thing. We still have our share of hard-to-decipher words, but he's definitely getting better at stringing words together. We've started getting into the "I do it"/"I get it"/"I hold it" statements, which are usually pretty cute. He can definitely put together a lot of subject/verb phases like, "Mommy bat" or "Daddy pitch" when we're playing baseball with him, or encouraging us to eat or drink or play. He's probably a little borderline bossy right now, but at the moment I have a hard time seeing him as being bossy with his friends. He's always been the center of our universe, so I suppose he'd think we'd be up for whatever he is.

That's all for today, I guess... :)

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