Monday, June 28, 2010

Car seat switch and other weekend notes...

Ok, so I didn't take any pictures that I was hoping to this weekend. It just seemed like every reasonable photo opportunity just wasn't convenient. I only had so many hands and the good picture moments were few and far between, it seemed. I did manage to get a couple keepers, but they'll probably wait for another post on another day.

Anyway, it was a pretty good weekend. It had its share of Jacob meltdowns as usual, but I suppose the rest of it was fun enough to make up for it a bit. We went to a lacrosse game on Friday night, the drive-in on Saturday, and finally got in the pool yesterday. The lacrosse game was good, though Jacob didn't have his usual focus during the game so we were up and around quite a bit. We did spend a good half hour or so out in the concourse at one point, while Jacob threw a lacrosse ball (plastic one, not real) at me with his lacrosse stick, or had me do the same to him. I only wanted to carry one stick, so we had these odd games of catch going on. It was pretty cute, though, when Jacob gave me the stick and ball, stood in front of a big brick pillar and called it his net :) Craig was working the game, so it was just the two of us for most of the evening until Craig came down to visit. The game was a Major League Lacrosse regular season game for a team that's spending their entire season on the road. It's the same league that the Rattlers played in, and only Jacob's third outdoor lacrosse game ever. We went to one when he was six weeks old during the Rattlers final season in Rochester (albeit a championship one), and another last summer in Toronto. Anyway, people in the concourse thought he was pretty funny, and apparently a cotton candy vendor thought he was cute because she gave us a free bag--apparently some rule where if something happens (didn't catch if it was because the cone broke through the top of the "puff" or what), she can't sell the bag. Very sweet of her. Jacob enjoyed it quite a bit, though after a couple minutes not even that could keep him from his concourse lacrosse game! He fell asleep on the way home and I stayed up way to late to FINALLY finish off my DVR'ed episodes of The Biggest Loser. A month late. Ahhh, parenthood. (Speaking of which, we still have an entire season of Parenthood episodes on DVR...and since Big Brother starts next week, I'm wondering what the odds are we'll get through those by the end of the summer.)

Saturday Jacob woke up at 7am, which was way too early. Craig got up with him (took one for the team since he was out the night before), and eventually I dragged myself out of bed to join them. I guess we had a pretty low key morning, and I was particularly disappointed by the crappy weather, which I didn't realize was supposed to be that crappy. We had some lunch, Jacob took a long nap, and by late afternoon/early evening we headed off to run a few errands, grab some dinner, and go to the drive-in to see Toy Story 3. We decided to keep things simple and go to the drive-in that's closer to us, rather than the super-fun one that's an hour away. Jacob fell asleep at the end of our last errand and slept the 15 minutes there, but woke up shortly after our arrival...and stayed awake forever. He didn't want to sit in his car seat, but was constantly squirming up front, hitting radio buttons with his feet and trying to honk the car horn. Oy. The movie started at 9:20, already past his bedtime, and he stayed awake not only for the movie, not only for the 25 minute ride home, but also for about 45 minutes after we got home and put him to bed. Seriously? It was almost 1am by the time he was asleep. Yikes. Schedules are great things...until you deviate from them and any sense of order comes crashing down into a million pieces.

But before I get into Sunday, a little pondering of the car seat situation. Jacob's are still rear-facing. Both of our carseats have a 35 lb. rear-facing capacity. So as long as his head doesn't pop up to the top of the seat, he's ok to stay rear-facing until he hits 35 lbs. He's just over 28 lbs. now, and judging by how he eats, I don't think it's going to creep up any too fast. Yes, we could have turned him at his first birthday like most of his peers, but I did some research and rear-facing is safer. He was content that way, and other than the steps I'd have to take to prevent dirty shoes from getting all over my backseat, I was fine with it too. Fast forward another year, and we're still rear-facing. I've thought about switching a bit before, but really found no good reason to do least, not better than giving him a safer ride. But when we went to the drive-in, I spent a few minutes in the backseat after Jacob woke up turning his seat around so he could sit in it, watch the movie, ideally fall asleep, and ride home safely while still sleeping. But for some reason he found no novelty in the new setup. He didn't want to sit in it during the movie and spent a good chunk of the drive home complaining about it, and did the same thing yesterday when we were driving around. I can't quite understand what he's saying, but it's almost like he realized that there's a whole front part of the car he hasn't been able to check out and is now annoyed with facing forward because he wants to be up front instead. Maybe he misses having the mirror he faced in my car. I have no idea, but I find the whole thing bizarre. I may keep him front-facing a bit longer, until I feel like switching him back, but if he keeps whining I may have more motivation to do that sooner.

Anyway...Sunday. Knowing how late Jacob was up on Saturday, I decided that I wasn't going to push church. We hardly ever skip when we're home and physically able to go, but we got up too late to go to the 9:45 service without rushing like maniacs, and the 11:15 service is always a nightmare for Jacob's schedule. He's always hyper and cranky and always seems to need a nap at that time, no matter when he woke up. It's pointless to go when we're both so preoccupied with keeping him quiet and entertained. And anyway, we got in a groove in the morning anyway, where we got a ton of stuff done after breakfast. Knowing that our house will be party central next Saturday, Craig started running around the basement hanging pictures that have been sitting around for a couple months. I followed suit, and we got a number of things done. We had a pleasant quickie lunch at Arby's (ahhh, the 2 subs for $4 coupon is the best!) and stopped to get gas, go to the bank, and to get a couple pool noodles at the dollar store. Jacob fell asleep on the way home and once he was in his crib, I spent most of his nap putting together my new IKEA bookshelf. It went pretty well and it looks very nice. I'm still debating what's going on it and what will be hanging around it, but it's a nice feeling to have it done. Our photo albums fit very well in it, though.

Once Jacob was up from his nap, we got ready to go in the pool. He had a couple tantrums during that process, but eventually we convinced him it would be fun. He liked going up the ladder and settled in pretty well as we adjusted to the cold water and got him in his boat. He seemed to like floating around and throwing a ball, so that was good. I floated on a raft for a while, but right around the time Jacob got bored the cold was starting to get to me, too. The air was comfortable, but apparently not warm enough to take the edge off. We still don't have a thermometer to know just how cold, but we'll need a good week of the solar cover to hopefully have it pleasant for the party. We had a nice evening of homemade fettucine alfredo for dinner and some fun play time, then bath and bed for Jacob and an evening of finishing up the bookshelf (drawers and screwing it to the wall) for me.

All in all it was a good weekend but I am finding myself extra tired today. Maybe it was our odd sleeping schedule. Maybe it's the stress of this work week. Maybe it's the building pressure for getting ready for the party on Saturday. Lots to think about!

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