Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Celebrating

I'm feeling a little discombobulated when it comes to Jacob's birthday. His actual birthday is Sunday, but due to numerous family conflicts (parties Saturday, Sunday, and next Saturday), not to mention Father's Day, we figured it would be a tough sell to get anyone out to Rochester during either of those weekends. So, we're going to have Jacob's party on July 3rd, assuming I can ever get the invites out. Yes, it's July 4th weekend, but let's face it, for as many people as might be involved with other parties or picnics, there's that many more that might find that weekend more convenient since they might have an extra day to work with, assuming their employers are nice and give them the 5th off (like both of ours). And really, anytime past that is just getting to be too far out. I should have just snagged this Saturday (the 19th) ages ago, but I'm a procrastinator and this is what happens. It doesn't help that we have big families with lots of birthdays, graduations and first communions this time of year. God forbid baby #2 is born in June. Anyway...

For so long Jacob's birthday seemed so far off. But just when it started to get closer, then the party planning issues came up and all of a sudden it felt far away again since we wouldn't be having the official celebration for another couple weeks after. BUT...his actual birthday is still this Sunday and I'm suddenly feeling a little panicked because 1) I still don't feel like we're done buying gifts; 2) We still have two other birthday gifts to buy and pack for our niece and nephew whose birthday is today and party is Sunday; 3) I feel like I should be a good mom and send a birthday treat to daycare on Friday, and was given no other guidance besides, "Nothing with a lot of frosting"; 4) I want to celebrate with cake this weekend, though we're traveling which makes that considerably more complicated.

My sister-in-law offered to make another cake for Jacob for Sunday since she's already making one for her own kids. I appreciate this immensely, particularly considering the egg allergy thing, but at the same time...she's got enough to do and I feel like I should make my own cake for my own kid...if only for practice! I also thought about doing an ice cream cake, which would be something different than the cake for the twins, and probably rather easy to make egg-free. I have a couple recipes I've been dying to try (for years!) so this might be the chance. It's just how convenient (or not) it will be to make it. It might be easier (read: more comfortable) to make it ahead at our house or my parents' house, but transporting would be an issue. So...I need to think about that a little more. I'd like to bring something to my parents' as well, for when we're there Saturday (I think--still scheduling) but I'm still pondering that as well.

For daycare, I really wanted to be Super Mom and bring in cupcakes. That was THE BEST as a kid, so I'd like to start that now. I think other kids have brought goodie bags (at least, I think the Spongebob goodie bag Jacob brought home was from a birthday) and cake for theirs, and I'd like to be a cool mom, too. No time like the present. But the "no frosting" request sort of made me stop and think. I mean, I could do just a nice light frost, which I think is probably acceptable in contrast to those crazy cupcakes that Wegmans sells with the half-cup dollop of fluorescent frosting. Or I could just do some icing--you know, powdered sugar, milk and maybe some vanilla, which will harden and in theory be less of a mess. Or maybe I just go the cop-out route and buy something like cookies, or go the healthy route and bring in fruit cups or something. No idea. It's only nine kids, so inevitably something will either go to waste or provide us with leftovers (which are great but probably the last thing we need sitting around).

Gifts are probably the last worry on my list, because we have two good ones. He's getting a baseball tee and a Fisher-Price Doodle Pro. The baseball tee will save Jacob a lot of frustration and us some broken bones in our hands. It's a real one, not just a kiddie one, so not only was it cheaper, but it will also last longer. The Doodle Pro (one of those magnetic drawing boards) is because he's obsessed with the one at daycare. Inevitably, he will not play with it at all at home, but I figured I'd take the chance. If nothing else it will be a car toy for trips. I would still like to get him a pool toy for our pool, maybe something to ride in or float on. We had also talked about getting him a baseball glove, but he did get a free one at the Red Wings game and he doesn't seem quite ready yet so maybe that will wait for Christmas or his next birthday. I've had about 30 things run through my mind in the past six months, and yet, this is where we stand with two gifts in hand four days before.

Of course, right now he doesn't know the difference. It doesn't really matter to him that his party is in two weeks or that he might not get his gifts on his birthday because it doesn't make a lot of sense to transport them. Sure, the Doodle Pro might be handy for the trip (though I do still prefer a sleeping child for long drives), but giving him the tee and leaving home for two days without it just seems cruel. He doesn't really care about cake (though I'm sure he will enjoy being able to eat it multiple times--assuming he'll sit long enough to do it) and won't really understand why he's being sung to multiple times over the next few weeks. And thank goodness for that. I'm convinced God gave us clueless babies to give us time to refine our parenting skills in many different ways before they truly know the difference. It takes time to get in the groove of the many kid-related activities surrounding birthdays and holidays, so at least we get a couple years before our kids know any better.

All in all, this birthday feels a bit cobbled together. One celebration here, another there, travels back and forth, and a holiday thrown in for good measure. Should be fun, but still lots of work ahead!

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Annah said...

I haven't heard the word discombobulated in a really long time. lol. Made me laugh. Good luck with the birthday madness! *muah*