Monday, May 24, 2010

(Not) Long (Enough) Weekend

I hope you all had a nice weekend and that you had a chance to enjoy some lovely weather like we did. Craig and I decided to take off on Friday and head to Buffalo a little early this weekend. Since we didn't get to spend much time with the families on Mother's Day, we tried to make up for it over the weekend. But before I begin, here's a cute picture from mid-week last week...Jacob and his monkey got a "boat trip" in our living room courtesy of the laundry basket and Craig. Too cute. So, yeah, this wasn't actually from the weekend, but I didn't want it getting lost in the shuffle.

We headed to my parents' house on Thursday night so we'd be there and ready to go on Friday. We decided to leave Jacob with my parents for the day and head out to Niagara Falls to enjoy the weather and do our usual wander up Clifton Hill. We didn't rush out in the morning, though, so we still got some quality time with Jacob. Before we left, Jacob got his early birthday present from my parents, a basketball hoop. The inspiration was Jacob's temper tantrum on Easter weekend when he desperately wanted to play basketball with the real hoop next door to my parents. This one is actually going to come home with us soon, so we'll probably still have to fend off the basketball freak outs when we're there, but he had a really good time with it...and we have plenty of basketball hoops to tempt him in our neighborhood as well.

Check out this look of intensity...

He had a lot of fun, though we'll see how it goes when we raise it up a bit--it's at the lowest setting here to keep it easy to transport!

Craig and I had a good time in Niagara Falls, though we weren't successful in any of the random shopping exploits that inspired the trip. We also didn't have any luck at the casino. Still, the weather was lovely and we had a very pleasant walk around the Canadian side (and across the bridge both ways). When we headed home it started to sprinkle a bit, which was a concern because we were headed to the Buffalo Bisons baseball game that night. Fortunately the weather held out and it turned out to be a beautiful night to watch baseball. But anyway, once we got back to my parents', we had a very nice dinner with them and their friends from Rochester (you may remember them as Colin's grandparents), who were in town for an evening show at the casino and some (apparently wet) geocaching the next day.

The baseball game was great, though I didn't take any pictures. I think when I remembered to take pictures at first, Jacob was still in his "zone" that he gets into when we go to a sporting event. He's sort of quiet and focused, just staring at the action. Eventually he loosens up and starts talking again, which he did. But then we got in the bathroom break/food break/take a walk/watch the game routine, and I forgot about pictures until it was late in the game and Jacob was getting sleepy. And at that point I knew I wasn't getting a smile. Still, we had a great time. Jacob wasn't a fan of fireworks after the game (neither was his mother back in the day), but he did enjoy his new mini-bat that came with the ticket package we got.

Saturday morning we headed out to see our nephew's Little League opening parade (sort of missed that thanks to the road closures it caused--but we did drive behind it for a while!) and his season opener. It was a pretty miserable, and on and off rain. We held out for the whole pregame and a few innings, with Jacob losing patience with his stroller and and constantly wanting to run around with his mini-bat. He kept saying "Pay!", which means "Play!", but obviously he couldn't join in with the kids on the field so that got to be a bit of a challenge. But here he is in the midst of a happy moment...
Eventually the rain got worse. Jacob needed a change, it was lunchtime and Craig wanted to stop at the mall to pick up some shorts that fit we headed out. The mall was productive but it had its moments. Jacob fell asleep on the way there and we successfully got him into the mall and in his stroller without him waking up...victory! He slept through lunch and a bit of shopping, then finally woke up while I was trying on clothes (no victory there--you know how everyone thinks they're between sizes? I seriously am. Juniors stuff is skanky and not made for curves, but women's stuff is too big. Even in between places like Target and Old Navy aren't working. Do you know how hard it is to find a size 2 of anything in JC Penney? Not complaining about the size 2, mind you, but seriously...I'm running short on bottoms because nothing fits!). Shortly thereafter he said "Potty", and I immediately looked down and noticed a wet stain on his shirt. Remember how I said he needed a change? Well, Craig convinced me to wait until we got to the mall since it was raining so hard at the game, but then Jacob fell asleep so I couldn't change him. Apparently his first awake duty was peeing, and it was a little more than the diaper could handle. Ugh. Of course I didn't have any extra clothes (that rarely happens and since we're out of the poop blow-out phase it hasn't been a high priority...though I suppose we're getting into the age of spills and mud baths, so I probably should start again), so I changed his diaper in the dressing room amidst loud screaming, and headed out to find Craig and get out of there. Lesson: Always trust your instincts and change your kid when you think you should!

After that we headed out to another nephew's birthday party (same family, VERY busy day for them! They still had an art show for another child later that day!). Other than Jacob's constant need to climb upstairs and raid his cousins' rooms, we had a nice time. Here's Jacob playing with his hockey stick...

Sunday was a lovely day! We had a pleasant, lazy morning, and headed to church at noon. Mercifully, Jacob fell asleep shortly after we got there, so at least the first half of the church service was quiet and uneventful...and we had that much less time to kill once he woke up, so the handful of ammunition we had was sufficient! After church we got some lunch and then got ready to go in the pool. Craig's parents have a lovely heated pool, which was probably a tease since our pool (assuming we ever figure out how or when to get it open) is NOT heated and probably will not warm up quite that well this summer. Oh well. I guess we're easing into pool life with a pleasant water temperature. Here's Jacob looking cool...though it never ceases to amaze me when you can see ribs AND a gut at the same time. That pretty much sums up his eating habits, I suppose.

Here he is down at the pool in his floaty suit. Of course, Craig convinced him it was a hockey suit (the built-in floaties do sort of look like hockey padding) and he loved it. Here he is throwing a ball...
As a whole he really liked being in the pool. At first he rode around in an inflatable car, and then I walked around holding him for a bit, and then he sat in this tube thing with a seat in the center and played catch with Craig. He loved that stuff but freaked out anytime I tried to put him on his belly and teach him to swim. He can kick his legs like a maniac, though, so that's a start. He did get a couple mouthfuls of water when he slipped out of my grasp or reached too far out, so he stuck to me like glue whenever I had him. The suit can keep him afloat, but he still needs to control his head--not ideal, for sure. But we had a nice time and eventually he took one of the deepest sleeping naps ever. I don't think he moved a muscle for the first hour or so of it. That might be a good thing to know once we start using our pool ;-)

After dinner, Jacob was standing at the sliding screen door looking out at the pool, and despite our constant warnings this weekend, pushed on it. The door slipped off the track and fell, creating a ramp down the two steps to the patio. Jacob tumbled down with it, and banged his head pretty good on the step...with the screen as a buffer. It was pretty scary and definitely one of those moments you play back in your mind as a parent--trying to dissect the fall and what might have been hurt, or trying to figure out if there was anything you could have done differently to stop it or make it less damaging. Ultimately you can only do so much. We told him not to touch it, and up until the moment he pushed on it, he was just standing there looking outside. It only took a second. And that's the scariest part. We're lucky it wasn't worse. He had a tiny cut on his nose that bled for a minute or so, and a BIG goose egg on his forehead with some minor scrapes. No scabbing yet, though, thank goodness. I think he was mostly scared, though I'm sure the bump on the head hurt like heck. But he seemed back to normal fairly quickly, with none of the symptoms of someone with a head injury. He was in a good mood (so I'm guessing no headache), running around (no balance problems), talking up a storm (so his brain was working fine), and no vomiting or anything we're assuming that he's ok. He whined a little this morning when he touched the goose egg, but was his normal self in no time. But yeah, that was tough to watch. We did try to use it as a lesson later on, telling him that we had told him not to touch the screen, but because he didn't listen, it fell and he got hurt. We tell him no about other things, too, so he doesn't get boo-boos like that one. I'm still not sure he got it, but let's hope so. It's hard to see in this picture, but here's a shot of the goose egg on his forehead...

We had a pleasant trip home and it was so nice to come home to our wonderful (albeit warm) house. Unfortunately the evening ended on an annoying note, as I had a message from my doctor that the bloodwork I had done a while back came back showing that I have high cholesterol! I know I don't eat perfectly, but sheesh, I think I eat well enough to not have high cholesterol. Must be the genetics finally catching up with me. Ugh.

On the bright side of medical news, Jacob had another visit with the pediatric pulmonary specialist this morning. He looked good so she gave us the green light to start weaning him off the Reglan, which he's been on since last March. I can hardly believe he's been on it for over a year, considering how stressed I was thinking about him being on it for the original six months they guessed! We have to keep him on it--but only one dose a day--for another couple months, and then he can go off it and we'll see how he does. He still has to have two doses of an acid reducer, though, but there aren't any side effects for that one so the doctor's less concerned about keeping him on that for now. Cold season is over, mercifully, so Jacob's cough has subsided for the most part, making this a good time of year to wean him from the Reglan. We'll see what happens next fall when cold season returns and we go back to the doctor. That's the other good news--no specialist visit for six months--and with a $40 copay, that's a big deal these days.

Well, that's enough for now...more to come soon, I'm sure!

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