Thursday, May 20, 2010

23 Months

Yup, my little baby turns 23 months today. It's hard for me to fathom...not just that it's been 23 months, but we're just one month away from his second birthday...which means that we suddenly have another party to plan. Seems like yesterday that we were trying to get ready for the first one. Time flies. And yes, you hear it from older people all the time, but they're really does go faster the older you get. I think today is also the ten-year anniversary of my college graduation, which is just sick. It seems like yesterday as well, as does my ten-year high school reunion, which was almost four years ago. And to think for that reunion we were still a year away from even conceiving Jacob. And now he's almost two. Geez.

So, on the heels of yesterday's post about how Jacob is growing up, we had another moment last night. He almost had a successful potty experience! I'm still not thinking we're on some great road to potty training, but I'd say this was a little baby step. Not to be gross, but here's a little background to set the scene. Jacob hadn't pooped in a few days. Usually when that happens (which isn't often, thank goodness), he ends up with a doozy of a BM. Usually it's rock hard and frighteningly large in diameter. He hadn't been showing any signs of discomfort, but each day that went by without a BM (never thought I'd be so disappointed to see the straight set of circles around "Wet" on the diaper rundown on his daycare sheet) was becoming all the more disconcerting. And we're probably extra paranoid because (can't remember if I mentioned this or not) we're slightly concerned that he may have swallowed a little table hockey puck a couple weeks back. We can't find it anywhere, which means nothing when you have a kid that gets into everything and drops things whenever something else comes up, but was a thought. And yes, I would think it should have passed by now. But there's still that question mark when something like this there any chance it's stuck in there and blocking things up? Anyway, as a result of all of this, anytime he seems a little extra out-of-sorts (extra cranky, crying out of nowhere) we've been asking him if his belly hurts or if he has to go poop. We asked him that a bunch last night around dinner in particular. Finally, at some point after dinner, Jacob disappeared upstairs into our bedroom. He does that sometimes, but this time when we followed him there, he said, "Poop" and seemed to gesture that he had to poop. So, we headed into the bathroom and he immediately put his potty seat on the toilet. Unfortunately, Jacob has this thing about being naked while on the potty. I think it happened by coincidence, since he frequently sat on the potty naked because we did it before baths or it came up when we were changing him or whatever. The other night when he sat on it, he made us strip him down. So I rushed to get his clothes off this time around, and by the time I could get his diaper off, he had already pooped. However, the big poop was pretty dry and it was stuck in his butt crack (as opposed to being in the diaper) so we put him on the toilet and voila...the poop fell into the toilet. Now, I know this doesn't count because he did actually poop before he was on the toilet. BUT...he did tell us that he had to go (and I do think he was going just while we were undressing him, because he sounded uncomfortable at that moment--and that poop looked like it would have been uncomfortable) AND once he was sitting there for a minute or two we did hear a little liquid dripping into the toilet. We're pretty sure he peed a bit, but not positive. See, we have an Amerks cup in the bathroom and Jacob likes to drink out of it. While he was sitting there he asked for water, and then proceeded to dump it on himself. Thank goodness for his lack of clothing. So, there's an off chance it could have been the water dripping into the toilet after he spilled it. But still, we're pretty sure Jacob peed just a little. So, of course, we made a big deal of it. He seemed to enjoy that part of things, and then proceeded to sit there for quite a while longer, to no avail. Finally I convinced him to get up, at which point I discovered how awkward it is to try to wipe a poopy butt when it's not on full display on a changing table. Any tips out there? I let Jacob flush the toilet, and that was about it. We'll see if it starts happening more, or if we just get a bunch of false alarms because he wants to receive more praise or he wants to flush again. But I still maintain that it's a step in the right direction.

The funny side effect to all of this is that Jacob is now slightly obsessed with poop. He kept pointing to the rear ends of his stuffed animals last night, saying, "Poop!", even going so far as to pretend to wipe them. And then this morning he was taking the pants off of a stuffed monkey and saying, "Monkey poop!" Hmmm. Hopefully this isn't a trend. Cute though it is in the confines of our own house, I can anticipate it being less cute in public. Say, at church. Or in the grocery store. Or amidst a large crowd of people. Or in a pool. Take your pick. But I guess it can't hurt to get him aware of poop in general, though I suppose we've been trying to do that each and every poopy diaper change when we comment on what we find. So why, now, is it funny? Ahh, the mysteries of childhood...

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