Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Growing Up...

Based on some recent happenings in our house, I think it's official that Jacob is growing up. Sometimes he does things that surprise me and really show what a big boy he's becoming. Of course, it's usually followed with a massive meltdown or something that reinforces that he is still less than two years old...but still, it's progress. Allow me to present the evidence:

Exhibit A: He can take off his own coat. He's been working on this for a while, but the other day he unzipped his jacket all by himself and even got it off of both his arms. He handed it off to one of us and went to go play. Wow.

Exhibit B: He put his own cup in the sink. The other day Jacob started falling asleep during dinner and kept wanting to be held. He hadn't eaten much but we didn't have a choice so Craig picked him up and Jacob was getting so tired. I didn't want to deal with him napping then and being wide awake at bedtime, so I immediately took him up and got him into his PJs just in case he fell asleep for good. Of course, he woke up at some point in the middle of that and we can back down to try to finish eating. It always seems a little odd to me when he perks up out of the blue like that, but then again, I probably do much the same a lot of days at work in the middle of the afternoon. Anyway, after he ate quite a bit more of his dinner sitting on my lap, I let him get up and walk around while finishing his milk. I rarely do that, but we were already out of our routine anyway. When he finished his milk, he proudly walked right into the kitchen and threw his cup in the sink. He can hardly reach up there so I'm not even entirely sure how he did it, but he did. He's done it once or twice before, as well, so I know it's not a fluke.

Exhibit C: He can navigate the stairs. I still don't entirely trust him with this, but it's fairly routine these days that he'll climb up and down the stairs on his own. He's got almost no problem going up, even standing, and he's getting better at coming long as he focuses. If he's distracted by the TV or anything else, all bets are off. We knew it wouldn't take him long to master them so we didn't bother with gates when we moved, but I've been thinking lately that we might have to get one massive gate to encircle both staircases for baby #2 someday. Seeing as they're right in the middle of the living room and are the gateway to, really, anywhere else in the house, I can see them being a huge temptation for a younger and less skilled baby down the road! Still, thank goodness there's only 6-7 steps in either direction.

Exhibit D: He can wear hats and glasses for an extended period of time, and even put them back on himself. Last summer when we were outside for a long time, Jacob was constantly ditching his hats...and don't even get me started on sunglasses. He had a pair with a strap and it was like pulling teeth to get him to keep them on....hence why he was routinely blinded by the sun in the car. This year we spent a good hour or so wandering around the Lilac Festival, and Jacob didn't touch his hat or glasses the whole time! And even still, if he did, he's pretty darn good at putting them back on.

Exhibit E: He can actually eat with silverware AND he uses a napkin! Getting Jacob to eat with silverware has been a long and frustrating process. And some days he still doesn't exactly do it willingly. But he CAN. I've seen him do it, with a bowl of macaroni or cereal, or even a plate full of something easily stabbed with a fork. He can be so good at it! And yet sometimes he just reverts. But nowadays when he reverts he notices how messy his hands get, at which point he says, "Messy," and asks us for a napkin. He will wipe his hands and hand the napkin back to us.

Exhibit F: He can drink from a drinking fountain. I won't say that it's always a dry process, but he can physically do it. He's pretty good at the one at daycare (there's a stool to get him high enough) and can even push the button himself. Of course, then he wants to drink out of them elsewhere and it's a little trickier when he has to be held up to do it.

Add into this that he can say a ridiculous number of words (and identify a ton more beyond that), he can (sort of) sing songs, and he's so ridiculously cute when he runs down the hallway in our house looking like a man on a mission (clothing optional), and I just can't get over it. And when I think of all the little victories we experience on a daily basis, I can barely process it when I start thinking of all of the experiences we have to come--potty training, school achievements, bike riding, athletic accomplishments, etc. And I won't even get into graduations and marriage and kids because that's just beyond comprehension right now. But the little victories are fun for now... :)

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