Friday, May 28, 2010

Photo Friday

I braved the chill of our downstairs office last night (seriously, it's generally a lot cooler down there, but even with the vent closed the A/C made it downright fridid) and loaded up the pictures and video I mentioned yesterday. I called the pictures "honorable mentions" in yesterday's post because I love them but I didn't think they were necessary in retelling the story of last weekend. When I print pictures for our photo albums I tend to pick one or two pictures out of a certain group, and I guess to some degree I do that on the blog as well. But once in a while it's too hard to pick, and in a post as long as that one, I felt I should. But nothing prevents me from posting them later, right?! So, here goes...

These three pictures are from our nephew's baseball game. I don't know what the draw is of this first one, but I suppose it's just cute how intensely he's checking things out, with such a distinctly wrinkled up nose! Such a little boy! I also love in all these pictures how he's such a rainbow of colors...

I think he's even more of a little boy in this one, with his jeans and baseball cute!

Here he is getting baseball pointers from Daddy...and loving every minute of it!

And finally, here's a little snippet of Jacob playing basketball...or bakeeball, as he calls it.

Enjoy :)

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