Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Moments of Note

As I've mentioned, Jacob is growing up so much. It's affording us some of those moments that you hear about over and over again from parents about the random things their kids say and do. We're still not in the heyday of that yet, since Jacob can hardly talk, but still...we have our moments. And thank goodness for that, because after a night like last night, we need them.

1) This morning on the way to the bathroom for teeth brushing, Jacob mentioned something about the potty. I asked him if he wanted to sit on it, and he said yes. We finished brushing his teeth and I asked him again, because toddlers are, well, fickle. He again said yes, repeated "potty", but shortly thereafter said, "bear," as well. He was, at the time, holding his teddy bear. At that point I informed him that bears poop in the woods (what, haven't you ever heard the expression...?), not on potties. And yet, when I got him down to take off his PJs and put him on the potty, he proceeded to put his teddy bear on his little frog potty. It was pretty darn cute and I wish I would have had access to the camera. He did eventually sit on the potty, but no dice. He actually doesn't want to sit on the potty or the potty seat we bought him, and instead wants to take his chances on falling into the toilet by sitting on it like mommy and daddy, without the kid seat. It's a balancing act, literally, and I think the coordination it takes to keep him up probably does nothing for his relaxation in preparation for peeing, so that's a problem. Ugh.

2) The other night Craig had his first softball game in years. He was persuaded to play by our real estate agent and our mortgage broker. He stopped playing a few years ago, mostly because he kept injuring himself. However, now that Jacob's old enough to comprehend things and is an absolute sports nut, I think Craig wanted to get back into it so Jacob could see him play baseball (well, yes, it's softball...but a nearly-two-year-old probably wouldn't know the difference. I don't really want to co-mingle the word "soft" with "baseball" because I'm having a hard enough time breaking him of his throwing balls in the house habit...let alone if he ever started thinking that baseballs are "soft"). So, the other night, despite the crappy forecast and an early start time, I rushed Jacob home from daycare, grabbed a couple blankets and some sports equipment, and headed back out to grab fast food and go to the game. We only managed to catch the end, which was just as well since it started pouring just as we were getting in the car. Anyway, Jacob did sit contentedly for a couple minutes eating some of his hamburger and watching the "baseball guys". Of course, with his meal came a toy. And I should have asked specifically for the under 3 toy, but I was lazy and figured we'd just get whatever it was and if it wasn't good for Jacob, we could just chuck it. It ended up being an Iron Man guy (ugh) who Jacob thought was a hockey guy. He thought the same thing about his cousins' Power Rangers too. Who am I to steer him differently? :) This Iron Man toy is about six inches tall and looks like your typical action figure. The only difference? When you press a button on his chest, his arms and legs fall off. Now, I have never seen the movies to know if this is a special power than Iron Man has, but I found it pretty comical. And when I showed it to Jacob yesterday, I had him laughing hysterically every single time I pressed that button. He thought it was hilarious. I even remembered to take some video of it, though it's pretty awful footage. I'll try to remember to post it soon. But it's worth it for a big smile and lots of laughs coming from my dear little boy. Who knew that falling body parts were that funny? I just wish that the body parts would stay connected better when the button isn't being pressed, because a one-legged superhero is pretty lame...and that's exactly what he ends up being every time Jacob grabs him out of my hand.

I may have more to report on but I don't just want to let this post sit maybe there will be a sequel, maybe there won't. At least it was something to give you a smile :)

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