Monday, May 17, 2010


First of all, as promised, here's that video from my last post with the exploding Iron Man. Please pardon the bad camera work and my really annoying gum chewing. I was chewing gum from a Razzle, and it was a really small piece, so it caused me to chew very awkwardly and cow-like. But Jacob's smile and laugh are too cute so I had to keep the video anyway.

Now that Jacob is talking quite a bit, it's been interesting to hear the things that come out of his mouth. And it's also amazing how you can say something once and it sticks with your child...they're so impressionable, as any parent with a kid who said a swear word early will tell you. For example...

Jacob has his "hockey sneakers" and "hockey boots". Of course, they're both just regular pairs of shoes, but one day Jacob was fighting us to put on his sneakers, and we told him they were hockey sneakers...and sure enough, he happily put them on. I had a similar experience with a different pair of shoes, a slightly nicer and bulkier pair of sneakers, so I called them his hockey boots--inspired, as I recall, from him referring to hockey skates as hockey boots the first time he saw them. He picked it up right away and continues to use those terms to this day. "Hockey" tends to be a big adjective in our house in general, though...from his "hockey books" (yes, he really has hockey books--the fantastic Brady Brady series) to his "hockey guys" (the mix of table hockey guys (yep, the flat ones) and hockey player keychains that make up his "hockey game" on Craig's air hockey table) to his hockey sticks and hockey pucks. This morning he actually said, "hockey player". It sounded funny to hear him put four whole syllables together!

Jacob calls M&Ms "beans". I think this dates back to Easter, the first time he really got to eat M&Ms regularly. I would give him a few jelly beans and a few M&Ms at the same time, and I guess he just got stuck on the "beans" part of jelly beans. I have no idea how that happened, really, but all of a sudden he started asking for "beans" and pointing to the spot on the counter where we keep the candy. Odd. He loves them, though, and gets very excited whenever I give him "beans" after he eats his dinner like a good boy.

Jacob is currently obsessed with zambonis. I think that came from a commercial that kept popping up on the NHL Network, which is almost always on TV in our house (I know, bad). He's seen zambonis in action before and never showed much of a response, but all of a sudden he was running around the house talking about "Boni". Craig convinced him that the little tow truck that came with his Little People parking garage was a zamboni (it does look a little like one), and eventually Craig found a cheap enough mini-zamboni (an Amerks one, no less) that's the size of a Matchbox car. Jacob loves it. He got to see a real life zamboni (parked) when we went to an ice rink the other night to watch a lacrosse game, and tends to label any moving vehicle that's not a car as a "boni". There was one of those lift vehicles (basically a scissor lift on wheels) at the ice rink, and then we saw someone riding one of those mobility scooters at the Lilac Festival last night...and yes, both were 'bonis.

The one day we were both stumped as Jacob kept saying something that sounded like "dubs". At one point he was with Craig and he said it over and over again, making them both quite frustrated. Finally we figured out that he was saying, "gloves". He gets to use it more than you'd think for this time of year. There's a pair of lacrosse gloves floating around that Craig lets him wear--very cute--and he's obsessed with Craig's baseball gloves as well. He constantly points to the front hall closet where they're stored, asking to see them.

Listening to Jacob rattle off his colors still makes me smile. "Ret, ye-yow, geen, bru"...seriously cute. And he knows other ones besides those, but those come up most often. He's really good with his colors, even surprising the folks at daycare.

Finally, here are a couple pictures from Mother's Day weekend...First a cute one from hanging out at home on Saturday...

And another featuring the "cheese face" from near the end of the festivities on Sunday...gotta love my boys!

Enjoy :)

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If he loves Zambonis then he will love the band The Zambonis. They write every song about hockey and are awesome for KIDS! I have a 9 month old boy and he already loves it!

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