Thursday, May 27, 2010

So much to do...a.k.a. Misc. Ramblings

I've been meaning to post all week with a couple of "honorable mention" photos from the weekend (and maybe a video too), but I haven't taken the time to go on to the computer at home in the evenings. I think we've been too busy trying to empty the contents of our DVR. I also had one night this week where I absolutely HAD to sort through piles of stuff...bills, stuff Jacob brought home from daycare, coupons, etc. They were piling up and it was driving me nuts. Plus the last couple evenings I've been outside doing the never-ending trimming around our property. I either need a better trimmer or Craig and I need to take shifts, because it kills my back and takes FOREVER. The trimmer starts losing its charge by the end, so it's quite the job. But I do love many parts of our yard and hope to enjoy many years of just chilling back there, enjoying the pool and the swingset and all of the lovely landscaping around the patio. It's a great yard. And we do still love the house. I know, duh, we better like it! But it's nice to really be able to say that we do. I love the dishwasher, I love my big sink with the little side section, I love how open and airy it is (and on less hot days, I like the fans instead of the central air...but on hot days like we've had this week, I love the central air, too), I love all of the flowering bushes we have, and I love all of the storage. Oh, and I love that our neighbor brought over a big box of pizzelles...yum. Sorry, high cholesterol, you're just going to have to wait a few more days.

So, anyway, there isn't a lot to talk about but I wanted to post something since I wasn't sure how the next few days would go with the holiday weekend and all. Sometimes that means more time, sometimes it means less. Although I am loving the house, I am starting to get agitated by the piles of stuff that's still sitting around from two months ago when we moved in. There isn't a lot, but there are a handful of low priority items--donations, stuff without a real spot, a handful of decorations and pretty much the entire contents of our garage--that need a new home or some sort of better organization. At first they sat there because they weren't a high priority when boxes needed unpacking, pictures needed hanging, and closets and cabinets needed to be stocked. But now most of that has been done for a while and yet there the stuff has sat, victims of Jacob time or busy weekends or the aforementioned trimming or our full DVR or just plain laziness. But they're really starting to bother me. So maybe this weekend I will have a few minutes here or there to get that stuff done. Or maybe I will finally put some pictures on the flash drive I got as a Mother's Day gift so I can view them on the digital frame that Craig won me at his brother's campaign fundraiser. Or maybe we'll try to cram so much into three days + an evening that I won't get anything done. One way or another I'm hoping for a good weekend with fun visits with/from family and friends. The weather is looking decent right now, so that's a start. So...I'm hoping to post again soon with the stuff from last weekend. But if I don't, have a nice holiday...and sorry for the random ramblings today...

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