Monday, May 31, 2010

Scenes of Thanks

I hope everyone's having a great Memorial Day weekend. Ours has been busy with a lot of fun times, though I've been beaten down by a nasty cold that has prevented me from really relaxing like I wanted to. I'll have a full review of the weekend soon, but in the meantime I just wanted to share a little snippet of the weekend that sums up, I think, what this blog is really about.

On Saturday I had a chance to get a few things done while Craig and Jacob were napping together on the couch. As I think I mentioned the other day, for Mother's Day Craig and Jacob got me a flash drive that was meant to store pictures for a small but very nice digital frame that Craig won me at his brother's campaign fundraiser. I wanted to go through all of our digital photos (nearly four years' worth, which is hard for me to believe!) and pick out my favorites. During the boys' nap, I picked out nearly 200 pictures, I think. There were photos ranging from our trip to Seattle and Portland to our baseball trips to Pittsburgh and Cleveland, from our pre-baby trip to Florida to my favorite artistic shots over the years, and finally, to a Jacob-heavy batch of photos from the last two years. As I watched the photos flip through the first time, it really amazed me to see all we've been through in the past four years. From our fun times as a couple to the absolute joy we experience most days now with such a happy, funny little boy. Amazing to see. We are indeed very blessed. The title of this post was taken from the moniker that the long time Pastor at our old church gave to the annual Thanksgiving service slide show showing various happenings throughout the past year. It was always a big deal to watch the slides and see if you'd make an appearance from some church or school function, but as a whole it was just a nice year-in-review. But to have the pleasure to watch a slide show of just our little family and its development over the years was a nice bright spot in my holiday weekend. Definitely a lot there to be thankful for.

Well, time to go wake up Jacob from his over three-hour-long nap. I think his second cousin wore him out playing hockey and lacrosse today...and I'm sure the crazy heat didn't help! I think we're definitely going to have to rehydrate ASAP once he's awake. Been a great weekend...I'll check in again soon!

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