Monday, February 8, 2010

Sick again, and Sleep Deprivation

Well, Jacob's sick again. But wait...I don't think I ever posted about his last illness. So last Tuesday night we noticed a rash on Jacob's hands and feet, and up his legs to his knees. Lately he'd also had what I thought was a drool rash on his mouth and another round of really nasty diaper rash. We called the doctor and they said it was probably just something viral and it would go away on its own. But when I took Jacob to daycare on Wednesday, they took one look at it and guessed that it was hand, foot and mouth disease. It sounds worse than it is, but it's really just a virus that causes a rash that turns into blisters. Apparently it's worse in adults than it is in kids, but somehow it seems to travel among kids more often because most of what I read said it's mostly a kids thing. He got a few blisters but I think his case was rather mild. It didn't seem to bother him too much, though one day he cried when we tried to put his shoes on. We originally thought it was because they were suddenly too small, but I think the combination of them getting tight and the formation of blisters might have both contributed. The odd thing about this illness is that it's usually preceeded by a fever, but I don't remember him having one at all last weekend. He was such a good boy on Saturday, though he did take two naps, and Sunday he was cranky but we spent all day together and I don't remember him being warm at all. So who knows?

Jacob usually gets a perma-cold this time of year, like most kids in daycare. It goes from just a slight stuffy nose with a slight trickle to a nasty cough and a nose like a faucet that's also completely plugged up. Well, Sunday night we went to a Superbowl party at our former co-workers' house. They hold this huge bash every year, complete with catering, and last year I was sick the day before so we stayed home. This year we were so excited to go. Once we were there we noticed that Jacob felt awfully warm. It was warm in the house and Jacob had a few layers on, and he was also running all over the place. We brought a couple footballs and he was having a blast throwing them, running around, and being tackled by one of us trying to corral him. He didn't seem like he had a fever, but thanks to all the congestion, periodically he seemed a bit pathetic. I couldn't get his temperature to register too high once we were home, but he definitely felt warm. He slept ok, only waking up screaming once in the middle of the night. I gave him some infant Motrin and he went back to sleep pretty easily. He seemed ok this morning but Craig stayed home with him just to be sure. Craig said he didn't seem warm today other than after a couple naps on Craig, but that was normal. However, tonight he was warm again. And he was so congested. I don't even know how to help him at this point. He won't let me wipe his nose, hates the bulb syringe, and is still coughing pretty nastily. It's so hard to watch. I just keep hoping it lets up soon.

But in the meantime, the sleep deprivation around here lately has been tough. Between illnesses and teething, we've had a handful of good sleeping nights around here since the new year began. First the stomach bug, then a couple colds, and teething really did us in. It seems that in the days before teeth finally poke through, Jacob is at his worst, waking up every hour at night some nights. Luckily we had a couple incisors poke through last week, and after three relatively good nights I was hoping we'd get a couple weeks to catch up on sleep before the bottom teeth decided to come in. But now we're back in illness mode. And with my job, it's killing me. Today I had to sit through a three hour presentation at work by our CEO, and I was having the worst time keeping my eyes open. It was horrible. And then there's the work I do. At my old job, being tired was a way of life. And if I was really, extra tired, I could still fake it. I could structure my day to do things that were doable despite exhaustion. But in my current job, most of what I do is highly detail oriented and one mistake can set me back hours. It takes a clear mind to do almost everything, and when I'm tired I'm lacking the patience to think it all through and make sure all those little details are taken care of. It's so hard to work tired. And while I've done it for the last year and a half, it's getting harder for some reason. Maybe I just expected to be well-rested by now, despite everyone's claim that you don't get to sleep for at least the next five years. Maybe the work I'm doing is that much more detailed. Maybe the duration of sleep deprivation is just starting to overwhelm me. I'm just not sure. But it's brutal. And I keep wondering when it will end, or when it will somehow, truly get the best of me. I'm beat. And I suppose sitting here blogging isn't helping. Good night...

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