Friday, February 12, 2010

Looking forward to a fun weekend...

Hello from Sickville. Jacob's still sick and I'm now sick, and I'm waiting for a break from all of this sickness any day now. Jacob's been a pretty good sport despite his nasty cold, but it's been a tough week or so. He hates when I wipe his nose, and despite my best efforts it's dry and cracked around the nostril. I use saline to loosen up the caked on boogers each morning, but even that isn't making it gentle enough, unfortunately. He wakes up periodically at night and coughs quite a bit in his sleep at times, but other than a handful of frustrating moments, he's been pretty good. Of course, Jacob hasn't been eating much in light of his current cold, which has been frustrating considering he's not a great eater even when totally healthy. He even refused cake and ice cream the other night. Sometimes it's tough to tell if it's just his illness or if he's just too busy to sit and eat. If his lacrosse or hockey stick are within his sight from his high chair, he usually starts saying "All Done" after about five minutes and five bites. No wonder he's so skinny! Fortunately, his energy has stayed up, and he has a lot of really happy times in the midst of his major congestion and nasty coughing. I'm pretty sure I have the same thing right now, though I still don't think mine is as bad as his. Perhaps it really is a different strain, or maybe he just reacts worse due to all of the respiratory issues he's had thusfar in his short little life. It's been a rough one, though, and on top of the other health issues we've had so far this year (stomach bug, cold, ear infection, hand, foot & mouth disease, and now another cold), it's really been quite enough to last us for a long time. At this rate I might be digging into my vacation time for Jacob's sick days by about April. Let's hope it starts slowing down now that we're supposedly on the downside of the winter season. Yeah, right. Jacob did get his H1N1 booster today, so let's hope we can avoid that illness, at least.

In the midst of all of this, we're still looking forward to a fun weekend. My parents are supposed to be coming in for a bit tomorrow, and all four of us will be going to the Knighthawks game, which is an afternoon match...thank goodness. Based on how cranky Jacob was after his last night game, I think we're going to stick with afternoon games as much as humanly possible...which means this may be the last Knighthawks game we attend this season. It's a bummer because I like them, but the battle I have to fight the Sunday after just isn't worth it. Or maybe we can go for a bit but need to utilize some willpower and leave by 9 to get Jacob in bed within an hour of his normal bedtime. But tomorrow's afternoon game will be fun. Sunday we're hoping to take Jacob to the Strong National Museum of Play here in Rochester. We think he's at a good age for some of the exhibits (like Sesame Street and the mini-Wegmans), and there's a cool Lego exhibit there right now that we'd like to see. I think they have some giant Legos there as well, so Jacob might enjoy that, too. It should be fun, as long as Jacob cooperates! It's one of the few weekend days until May that Craig has off, so hopefully it works out. As if that wasn't enough, I have off Monday so Jacob will get an extra day at home. Craig has to go out to our local Build-a-Bear for some preparations for an upcoming work fundraiser he's spearheading, so Jacob and I will hopefully go out there with him for a bit. I think it will be a fun weekend but I'm hoping we all start to feel better so nothing gets in the way of our fun!

Have a nice weekend, and hopefully I'll have some fun pictures to post soon!

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