Saturday, February 6, 2010

Change is a' comin'!

In the past few days I've been thinking a lot about the changes that are coming our way in the next couple months. The fact that that time period is now definitively a couple months is blowing my mind in and of itself. We have two months to get all of this house stuff taken care of--legal stuff, packing, address/utility changing, etc.--before embarking on a whole new set of changes. On the bright side, we're not moving far so our little world outside the house isn't going to change much. Yes, it will be a slightly longer commute and a more indirect path to daycare each morning, but we won't have to change our shopping habits or our church or anything like that. We're still traveling in the same general direction and living in the same little world we do now. And as much as I anticipate the changes of having more space, a dishwasher, and a kitchen that doesn't make me roll my eyes every time I talk about it, I know there are changes that won't be quite as good. There will certainly be a lot of give and take, and I'm just not sure my brain is comprehending all of what we'll be giving up. It's hardly sunk in yet that we won't have another spring in our house to watch the lilacs come out (sad) or wonder how brown our holly bushes will become (yes!! I will NOT miss those.). We'll only have two more months of our life as we know it, with Jacob in the room he's had since he was born. Incidentally, I plan on using our camcorder sometime soon before we start packing to wander around the house and take in all of the little details. Jacob won't remember this house, but I'd like him to someday see the place that he first called home.

I know that it will probably take some adjustment for Jacob (though he loves the new house and never wants to leave when we're there) because he's so used to ours. Will he be thrown off when he's sleeping in a different room, even though it will still be all his stuff? Will he be able to find me when I'm hidden away in the kitchen, since the kitchen's in a different spot? Will he be thrown off because his toys aren't where he's used to them being? I'm sure he'll adjust, but the interim could be interesting. As for me...I keep wondering how many things I'm taking for granted and will miss once we move...or on the other hand, good things the new house will provide that we never even thought of. I'm not looking forward to the commute change (about 5-10 minutes longer), though I will enjoy having about 5-10 minutes less travel each time we go back and forth to Buffalo. I was so excited a couple years ago to get our new storm door with the retractable screen, and now our new house won't have that...but with central air and ceiling fans, does it matter? Will the lack of a door directly from the garage into the house be more of an issue than I think? Will I be annoyed because I have to run up or down six steps to get to the bedrooms or basement? Will our lack of a fenced yard be a major drawback? Do we have too many tall things to store that will make having only a 3-foot high crawl space an issue? So many questions...

I know we'll miss our one set of neighbors, though apparently the new ones will be great, too. Our current neighbors have always taken an interest in Jacob and been very friendly and helpful in general. I'll definitely miss easy access to a lot of the great walking and bike riding neighborhoods around our current neighborhood, but I know that we'll have a whole new neighborhood to explore and a gorgeous park just down the road. Will I miss my view of the elementary school out my kitchen window, or regret that I can't see the street from my bedroom? I'm sure I'll miss the lovely shade tree in our backyard in the summer, particularly because that's where Jacob's swing resides, but I won't miss it in the fall when we're not raking leaves...but then again, will I miss letting Jacob play in a big leaf pile like he did this year?

Moving to a new house means that we have to rework all of our current habits and processes. And when you're dealing with a baby, that's not always easy. Heck, the stuff we got used to here when Jacob was a real baby may change completely in the new house when we bring on baby #2. Or maybe not. And I guess that's the hardest part of this change. For as many good things as we know we have coming (seriously, the dishwasher, garbage disposal, larger living room and infinite crawl space alone are enough to get me psyched), there are that many more unknowns. And I know we'll adjust...we did last time and we will this time. We made it through the massive life shift that comes with having a baby, and bringing that baby and our current life into a new house shouldn't be a big speed bump. It will have its challenges, no doubt, but I think in the long run we will be happy there and create a lot of new memories. The next few months will certainly be more of an adventure than usual. And in the meantime...I should probably start packing, huh?

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