Friday, February 19, 2010

Videos and Pictures!

As promised, here are a couple cute videos of Jacob from a few weeks ago. The first one shows him playing hockey, which is usually what he's doing when he's in the living room.

Ok, I know this one is oriented wrong, but it's still cute. Facebook let me rotate it, but no such luck here.

And now for a few cute pictures from the weekend...before the trip to Strong Museum. Here are a couple shots of Jacob in one of his new favorite hangouts--sitting in his toy bin. Both shots were so cute that I couldn't pick just one :)

And here's a shot from Saturday's lacrosse game, where Jacob sat contentedly on Grandpa's lap...and he really was happier to be there than this picture shows. He just gets so serious! Must be that he's taking it all in! And yes, the ever-present lacrosse stick makes another appearance...
I have a few more to share but I think I'll keep them for another post. This has to be enough fun for one day!
In other news...Jacob's had a pretty good week. He's been sleeping better (knock on wood), except for the fact that he's been waking up early each morning. I've been hearing him up around 7am or earlier (as opposed to his normal 7:45ish wakeup), but the good news is that he's generally been content, just chillin' in his crib and talking to himself (or his animals?) until after I shower and get dressed. While he still has his moments (most of which occur when we try to take away his hockey or lacrosse stick), he's been pretty fun this week. He's super silly, giving lots of kisses, and has been eating a bit better. Sometimes it takes some creativity or some coaxing, but as a whole he's been better. He did have a bit of a rough day earlier this week at daycare, where I was greeted at the end of the day with two accident reports. One was courtesy of a scratch he received from another kid who wanted Jacob's toy. Annoying, yes, but I can't really say much...Jacob did it to another kid a couple weeks back. Ugh. The second was thanks to Jacob's own clumsiness, when he fell on a toy he was playing with. He ended up with cuts and scratches all over his face, mostly around his nose and up on his forehead. The big cut on his nose bled pretty good, I guess. They don't seem to be bothering him too much, except when I try to wipe his nose...which, thankfully, doesn't need to happen much now that his cold has mostly subsided.

We're off this weekend to Buffalo for a weekend with my parents. There's a full slate of games this weekend (including a road trip for Craig) so I figured we'd be better off visiting my parents than spending the whole weekend alone with me getting frustrated trying to figure out how to start packing up the house with an energetic toddler! We'll have a chance to do that next weekend anyway (when my parents won't be an option, as they'll be off to visit John, Kristin & Kate!), and then the following weekend we'll be off to visit Craig's family for the first time in a while. Definitely a busy time of year!

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