Thursday, February 18, 2010

Visit to Strong Museum

For a while now, Craig has been wanting to whisk Jacob off to Strong Museum (a.k.a. The National Museum of Play) here in Rochester. It's a kid-friendly museum with lots of hands-on exhibits. I can see it from my office window, and on a day like today, in the middle of February break, it's jammed. The place is a madhouse, and while it contains a lot of fun things, I generally walk out of that place a little more pessimistic about parenthood than I'd like. I've been there at least a couple other times, including one blogged-about trip before Jacob was born and another years before with my two best friends from college (yep, we went without kids). It's a fantastic place, but I think I'd like to go there on a weekday when kids aren't off from school...way less chaos! While I wasn't sure Jacob would be into it, I figured the Sesame Street displays alone might be fun for him, and we'd get the benefit of seeing their current Lego displays which are only up for a little longer. So, on Sunday, after church and Jacob's nap, we headed out.

If I had to put the day into one word, it would probably be "frustrating". Despite being well-rested and relatively well-fed, Jacob definitely had his own agenda. He wasn't into having his picture taken or looking at much of anything that we wanted him to look at. He fixated on a few things, but without free access to everything thanks to the many, many kids there, it was tough for him to explore as much as I think he would have otherwise. He liked running around, at least, but he just didn't get into the stuff we thought he would. Turns out that it appears that a little over two years old appears to be the ideal age for a fun trip. I posted something about it in my Facebook status later that day and got a number of responses from people whose pre-two-year-olds didn't really get into it, but six months later couldn't stop talking about it. So, good to know that's down the road. This trip definitely had its ups and downs, though. And here are some pictures...

Jacob and Craig checking out the Count. Have I mentioned that Jacob can do the Count's laugh on command? Also notice he's holding his lacrosse stick in this picture...and notice that he's holding it in almost every other one too. Per my post the other day, he wants to have it in his hands almost all the time.

Saying hi to Elmo on a wall of Sesame Street characters...

With Daddy in the cool Lego Castles exhibit...check out the Lego suit of armor...

Touching the Lego dragon's nose...or picking it?

The museum houses the National Toy Hall of Fame, and the ball was among this year's inductees. How wrong is it that it took a few years for that? The stick was an early inductee, for pete's sake! Here's Jacob admiring the ball display...because, of course, he loves them.

Jacob using a big building block as a bat. It was apparently the only way we could get him anywhere near the cool mega-sized Legos. He totally did not want to build with them. Ugh.

Back in the Lego Castles exhibit, Jacob LOVED this display for some reason. He stood in front of it forever. We have no idea what was so interesting to him...but he did like waving to people through the glass!

Daddy and Jacob attempting to build with Legos. They had a lot of tables for kids to build, including one that was stocked entirely with Duplo blocks for little kids. That only lasted so long.

Mommy and Jacob attempting to get a picture on the steps of 123 Sesame Street...Jacob wasn't into it but we lucked into a decent shot....complete with lacrosse stick again.

One of Jacob's favorites was the huge fish tank they have near the entrance. He's really into fish, if I haven't mentioned it before. It happened sort of by accident, actually, from a variety of sources. He loves eating goldfish crackers, for one. He enjoys his music-and-lights aquarium on his crib that has a fish in it (in fact, when I walked in his room yesterday morning, he had his nose up to the clear plastic front!). He loves the cool aquarium at the doctor's office, and yes, we've been there far too much. And the house we're moving into has a couple fish tanks as well, so he's liked those when we've visited there. Anyway, he loves "ishies"...

So, that was our visit in a nutshell...minus any graphic images of Jacob screaming, running away, or fighting us at every turn. Check out the full set of pics from our trip here. Hopefully I'll have a chance to post some other pictures from the weekend and other miscellanous Jacob pics and videos soon!

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