Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

Last weekend Craig was working all weekend (and out of town for part of it, too) so Jacob and I decided to go hang out with my parents for the weekend. We always have a good time when we go, and it gives me opportunities for a break during 2-1/2 straight days of single parenthood. And, of course, my parents love having Jacob there...and me too, I guess! We got there around bedtime on Friday night, but since Jacob napped most of the way in the car, I let him stay up a little later. My parents' friends were visiting, and with him just having woken up, he was extra shy for most of the time he was up. But he still had his cute, funny moments, and he actually went to bed much better than expected.

Saturday we had a full day of fun. Jacob spent some time coloring with Grandma, using Mommy's old crayons!

After his nap and lunch, we headed out to the yard, where Grandpa had built three snowmen! Initially we were worried about the quality of the snow to make snowballs, but as it got warmer that day, the snow started to cooperate. And behold, three snowpeople...

Jacob was having trouble staying up on his feet, because his boots are so stiff in the ankles and Jacob isn't an experienced enough walker to understand that he has to bend his knees more to walk in his boots. Oh well...he'll learn. Or he'll have new boots next year. Either way. I think this picture is catching him mid-fall!

Here's Grandpa making snow balls for him...

And here's Jacob in his snow gear, still appropriately toting his little hockey stick...

We also tried putting him on the sled, but the terrain was uneven and Jacob couldn't quite figure out how to hang on. Here's a live action shot of a face plant...and another of a treacherous trip back to the front of the house...and listen closely at the end :)
After the sled didn't quite work, we headed out on a cold weather wagon ride. On our way back we stopped at Great-Grandma Ellman's for a little while. Jacob enjoys playing with her vast collection of Beanie Baby Bears, and he's fascinated by all the little chairs and benches my Grandma has them sitting on. Here he had taken all of the bears off one bench and decided to take a load off and watch the Olympics...and notice, his hockey stick is still in his hand.

We had a nice weekend and finished it off with a pleasant ride back to Rochester, where we went to the Amerks' game. It was an afternoon game highlighted by Hall of Fame night. We had fun, though Jacob was a little less content than usual. Fortunately, the Amerks tied it in the last couple seconds and won it in a shootout, so that made for a nice end to the weekend.

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